Vigilnet America LLC Announces Release of VERSA™

Vigilnet America LLC (Vigilnet), a provider of offender monitoring services to the United States criminal justice system, announced today the release of VERSA™, a cloud based criminal justice case management application designed to streamline and automate the way offender compliance information is monitored and disseminated to government personnel. VERSA Version 2016.1 is now available for purchase by the United States criminal justice marketplace.  

VERSA empowers government agencies by automating both the reporting of compliance data to officers and communication with offenders. Offenders participating in VERSA benefit from a coordinated effort on behalf of community partners involved in their supervision. They are engaged in their supervision by smartphone communication including email and text message notifications and reminders. Officers, treatment providers, counselors, judges, and others can all participate and share data on the same software platform and drive higher compliance rates and better outcomes.  

Vigilnet America LLC is one of the largest multi-state providers of offender monitoring programs in the country. Vigilnet currently has full-scale programs operating throughout Nebraska, Oregon, Washington and Pennsylvania. According to Jake Dawes, Vigilnet's chief operating officer, his company will be delivering an important tool and service to the marketplace at a crucial time. “VERSA will allow criminal justice departments to zoom in and focus their attention and resources on those offenders truly in need. VERSA compliments the justice reform initiatives underway in many states by freeing up highly trained officers to focus on their higher risk offenders.”

Vigilnet's customer service-based business model will drive VERSA implementation. "We recognize that high-quality support is fundamental to the success of offender management programs," says Dawes. “We look forward to partnering with parole and probation agencies, courts and communities across the United States and leveraging our existing service infrastructure to grow programs and our customer base," he adds.

The U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world, with overcrowded prisons and corrections costs consuming local, state and federal budgets. According to Vigilnet’s National Director of Business Development, Michael Beckley, Vigilnet's expansion into case management software is a testament to the role that technology-enabled services like cloud based applications and smartphones are playing as they help make criminal justice strategies more effective by reducing costs, protecting communities and supporting offender rehabilitation.

About Vigilnet America LLC

Vigilnet America LLC is a leading provider of alternative sentencing services to the correction industry. Since 2006, the company has helped courts, probation offices and other agencies implement effective programs for offender management that reduce costs, lower recidivism and protect communities. Vigilnet provides services to more than 120 agencies across the country.

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