VIDEO: Orlando Parents Produce Virtual-Commencement for 4-Year-Old VPK Students

Conclude Graduation With Car Parade Thanking Their Favorite Teacher: Miss Ross

Apollo Rubin introducing VPK virtual graduation video:

‚ÄčKen and Sacnyte Rubin (Kenyte), along with the parents of 18 4- and 5-year-old VPK students, have released a commemorative video of the virtual commencement of their children's first year in school.   

With the end of the school year occurring amidst the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and all Orlando, Florida, schools shut down, VPK parents produced a creative video to capture the spirit of their children just starting out in their education:

Viewers of the video can still see that even though the kids were not able to be together in person, there is still excitement in their cute faces in the video, which concludes with a drive-by thank you to their favorite teacher: Miss Ross. 

‚ÄčThese parents took the opportunity to do something unique to help their kids remember what happened in 2020 when they started school in a year that ended in the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The background audio/song is paid for, including royalties for distribution and reuse. Producer and parent permission to use this video in online or on-air news is granted, but please notify upon use.

The video was developed and produced by VPK parents after forming a WhatsApp group where they discussed the idea to create and distribute the video. Everyone submitted a clip of their child to Kenyte for inclusion in the final video.

About Kenyte:

Ken and Sacnyte (Sac) Rubin together make up Kenyte. Our children are the first two in the video, 4-year-old twins Luna and Apollo Rubin (which mean Moon and Sun). We have a third child named Kalani, which means "the heavens." To contact Ken, Sac or their children for comment, reach them directly anytime at 407-595-7355, or

Orlando VPK Virtual Graduation Video on YouTube:

Source: VPK Parents


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About Kenyte Rubin

Ken and Sacnyte (Sac) Rubin, together make up Kenyte. Kenyte Kids include 4 year old twins Luna and Apollo Rubin, which means Moon and Sun... and a third child named Kalani, which means 'the heavens'.

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