Video From ALLATRA International Public Movement Brings Attention to Appalling Behaviour of Unscrupulous Journalists in Ukraine

A shocking incriminating video "Who Benefits from World Conflict? Or ALLATRA IPM speaks out on Dignity, Freedom and Human Rights" has appeared online. It speaks about wrongful actions of unscrupulous journalists from Ukraine (news channel "24", "Espreso", and "2 + 2" channels). They publicly slandered ALLATRA International Public Movement, the members of which live in various countries around the world.

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The journalists of these channels, by their defamation which brings disgrace upon the honour of journalism, have jeopardized life and health of a well-known member of ALLATRA International Public Movement, Dr. Igor Danilov, whom people in many countries call a Man of Peace. While being a Christian, he publicly defended true Islam and unity of all people in the world.

"Even one person can do a lot... A wise man would come to the mirror every evening and ask himself: "Who are you and who have you been today: a slave or a free man?" This is the difference between a free person and a slave: a slave, even when he sees evil and is indifferent to it, he is silent. While a free person, seeing evil and lies, does not pass by, but acts according to Honour and Conscience here and now, as befits a truly free person."

Igor Danilov, Dr.

ALLATRA International Public Movement is a global international organization. Presently, the Coordination Center of ALLATRA International Public Movement is located in Kiev (Ukraine). Thanks to it, all the international events organized by ALLATRA IPM (conferences, congresses, round tables, seminars, cultural meetings, international progressive events, and global social projects which are aimed at strengthening universal spiritual and moral values in the global community) promote the best of Ukraine through those of its right-minded citizens who are participants of ALLATRA International Public Movement. ALLATRA IPM is outside of politics and outside of religion. This global movement is open to all people of good will, regardless of their place of residence, nationality, social status, religion, or political affiliation.

The activity of this volunteer all-peoples movement is aimed at reviving spiritual and moral values in the world society and establishing peaceful dialogue in different areas of the society’s life: cultural, social, spiritual, and moral. This is a unique, all-people’s peaceful movement, in which people themselves, in their free time, successfully implement an entirely new form of communication, interaction and unification of people around the world, based on the principles of good and justice. As part of ALLATRA International Public Movement, numerous public, social and cultural projects are being initiated and implemented by people themselves all over the world.

At the same time, the broadcasts of the above-mentioned Ukrainian channels are full of groundless accusations against ALLATRA International Public Movement. The reporters have not confirmed any of their unfounded arguments with either facts, or evidence, or comments of experts from competent authorities. The uniformity of information presentation and its negative interpretation, selection of suspicious “experts”, and one-sided coverage of the information, all point to the paid-for nature of the stories, in which one can clearly trace the intention to harm the business reputation of ALLATRA International Public Movement as well as the honour and dignity of its participants, who live in various countries of the world.

Because this situation affects the rights and freedoms of citizens of many countries of the world who are participants of ALLATRA IPM, this precedent cannot be regarded as a local one. In other words, it applies not only to Ukraine. This is a global conflict, which as of today can be resolved peacefully. Once one studies this international precedent, understands the reasons for its occurrence, identifies common tendencies in global journalism, and hears the public opinion, there is hope that the international community will properly respond to these actions of Ukrainian journalists as well as to the use of fake information in the world journalistic practice. When conscientious journalists study the materials about this event and use their professionalism and responsibility to openly express their independent opinion on television, radio, in the print media or online resources in different countries of the world, this will lead to practical implementation of the fundamental human rights and freedoms which are written in the declarations of international organizations (UN, UNESCO, PARLIAMENTARY ASSEMBLY OF THE COUNCIL OF EUROPE and others). 


In view of the documentary material presented in this video, please, PUBLICLY EXPRESS YOUR INDEPENDENT OPINION and attitude towards the incident and its consequences for the global community. What are the possible ways to solve this problem?


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