VideoAuditing LLC Announces New Chief Executive Officer Paul Radu and Corporate Name Change GLIMPSE Group LLC

GLIMPSE is Focused on Video Imaging and Audit Technology in the Hospitality Industry

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VideoAuditing LLC today announced GLIMPSE, a new company that will focus on video imaging and audit technology that delivers detailed analysis and reporting for what is digitally captured. Paul Radu has been appointed Chief Executive Officer.

Announcing GLIMPSE, Paul Radu, CEO said: “Digital imaging is occurring all around us, from bars and restaurants to riding the escalator in a shopping center. No one really wonders what actually happens to all of that video data. GLIMPSE captures, stores and analyzes this data. Our goal is to improve work process efficiency, standardize operational procedures, reduce waste and loss while enhancing compliance.”

GLIMPSE provides business owners with one-of-a-kind insights, to help implement a culture of total quality management, financial accountability, bottom-line cost reduction and top line revenue improvement.

David Teller, the founder will remain actively involved as the Chief Innovation Officer.

Commenting on Paul’s new role, Peter O’Brien, the President of FAST-TRACK, Inc. and a ScanSource partner, said: “Paul’s track record in the hospitality industry has been exemplary, and we see an interesting potential for our companies to work together going forward. We are delighted to form this strategic alliance.”

Mark Frasco, President of COACT, said: “Assessing the data captured from digital images will magnify revenue opportunities for our clients and will enhance overall business models.  There is no one better suited to lead this mission than Paul and COACT is excited to be a premier partner in this journey with GLIMPSE.”

GLIMPSE is currently piloting the first technology solution focusing on beverage service insights with hospitality clients in South Florida and Texas.

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