Vidatronic Announces Flexsupply™ Family of Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converter IP Cores

Unique Modular Design Boosts Performance While Reducing Size in Internet of Things and Enterprise Applications

Vidatronic Inc., a leading provider of power management intellectual property (IP) solutions, announces the Flexsupply™ Family of Switched-Capacitor Regulated Voltage-Doubler IP Cores in the TSMC 40 nm process. The IP cores are optimized for low-power system-on-a-chip (SoC), application specific integrated circuit (ASIC), and microprocessor integration.

Vidatronic’s family of Flexsupply™ IP cores allows products to continue to perform when the battery level is low. Many of Vidatronic’s customers have great products in production which were designed around a 2.5 V supply. These products could support several Internet of Things (IoT) applications, but unfortunately they stop working when the battery level discharges down to 1.6 V. The Flexsupply™ IP cores resolve this issue by allowing the products to support these types of battery applications. After integration into the SoC, the Flexsupply™ IP core provides a supply greater than 2.6 V for the SoC, even with low battery levels.

This new family of Flexsupply™ IP cores offers a number of compelling benefits to chip and system designers, including handling of extreme load transient variations, easy integration and superior area savings – giving designers the advantage of enhanced performance and flexibility. The IP cores’ unique modular design means that the size of the IP core depends on the application’s load current requirements: a smaller load current will result in a smaller IP core. Most existing designs have a fixed die area, generally resulting in wasted die area for applications that require smaller load currents. Due to their flexibility and performance advantages, Vidatronic’s solutions are applicable in a broad range of applications spanning from IoT to mobile to enterprise.

“There are a number of markets for IoT devices including infrastructure, the connected home, automotive, and more. Many of these IoT inventions will need to be built with a single SoC to provide the highest level of integration and conservation of area,” says Stephen Nolan, vice president of Sales and Business Development at Vidatronic. “The Flexsupply™ Family, with its small form-factor and flexibility, is designed to fulfill this need and more. These products expand Vidatronic’s offering to cover this range of applications, further solidifying the company as a leader in power management for the connected world.”

The Flexsupply™ Family supports an input power supply of 1.6 V to 3.63 V and achieves a relatively smooth output voltage with small ripples without the need for external capacitors. The Flexsupply™ Product Family is currently available in 4 modules. “While we have these four different versions of the IP readily available to license, we can easily customize the IP to match individual customer needs,” Nolan added. “Our talented team of engineers here at Vidatronic works quickly to meet just about any client need in a very short amount of time. We know how important time to market is for our customers and we’re here to make sure everything runs smoothly in regards to their power management needs.”

Please visit the Vidatronic website to view the different modules. The Flexsupply™ family is immediately available. Interested customers can receive datasheets and discuss licensing options by contacting Vidatronic at

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Vidatronic, founded in 2010, serves its customers by licensing its latest power management circuit intellectual property (IP) designs for integration into their application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and systems on a chip (SoCs). Vidatronic’s capabilities help customers achieve product feature and performance advantages, while the team’s experience gets them to market faster and reduces overall risk. The company’s patented industry-leading technologies and features allow its customers to reduce required board area and cost, while maintaining the desired low-noise and low quiescent-current performance in a variety of applications, from consumer electronics to servers. Vidatronic’s IP portfolio includes low dropout (LDO) voltage regulators, DC-DC converters, ultra-low-power voltage references and associated circuitry in a variety of advanced-process technologies from 180 nm to 7 nm.

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Vidatronic licenses its analog intellectual property cores for integration into SoCs, including power management unit and LED driver solutions. Their IP portfolio includes a range of analog circuitry in advanced process nodes, down to 5 nm.