VidaTalk Becomes the Most Comprehensive Patient Communication Tool in Healthcare With the Addition of 21 New Languages.

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Vidatak, a healthcare communication technology company, announced today the expansion of its language profiles to its VidaTalk App. The new additions make the app the most expansive, multilingual patient communication tool in the market. 

Serving patients worldwide, VidaTalk provides a voice for the voiceless. The interface allows patients who are unable to speak due to their medical condition or language barrier to seamlessly communicate with their caregivers. The app sits at every patient bedside and utilizes an intuitive 'touch-to-speak' program, now in 40 languages. 

The technology was developed by Dr. Patak, CEO of Vidatak. "With the addition of these new language profiles, we're thrilled to bring proper communication access to even more communities." Dr. Patak is an anesthesiologist who found he was missing critical information while providing care, as patients resorted to hand gestures to communicate critical information. "The truth is, we're failing our patients and our caregivers by not providing them with these necessary tools at every bedside."

Last year, VidaTalk completed an integration with several interpreter service vendors, making it the most comprehensive and robust language access solution available today. 

"Shifting access to language services to the patient has been a game changer. Being dependent on providers has been a driver of low utilization during routine care," says Patak.

"We're shifting access to language services directly to the patient, rather than them being dependent on the caregiver for that access," Dr. Patak says. "If the patient or provider determines an interpreter is needed, they just tap the phone or tablet icon, and the provider enters a pin to authenticate the request. It's that simple."

Several recent research publications validate VidaTalk's essential contribution to both humanizing the clinical setting as well as delivering equitable care for patients with speech and language barriers. Later this month, VidaTalk will be releasing proprietary music curated using the science of sound to expand VidaTalk's impact on restoring a healing environment when patients need it most.

With funding support from the National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Nursing Research NR014087, VidaTalk™ is an interactive, multilingual communication tool for non-verbal patients specifically designed and tested for the hospital environment. Its evolution since entering the market has expanded to effectively serve patients with limited English proficiency as a point-of-care communication tool placed at the bedside that empowers patient autonomy and improves these patients' ability to control access to information they need as well as interpreters.

Crediting the diligent and scientific approach to usability assessment, design and testing, Vidatak partnered with Menlo Innovations, who deployed their High Tech Anthropologists® to iteratively design the app's workflow, considering the human factors of critically-ill patients and their environment. Several studies have since been published validating its clinical impact and highlighting its acceptability and preference amongst older adults (> 60 years of age).

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Source: Vidatak

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