Vidatak Helps Mechanically Ventilated COVID-19 Patients Communicate Their Spiritual Needs With New Spiritual Care Communication Application

Spiritual Care Communication App

Vidatak, LLC (Ann Arbor, MI) today announced the release the first and only evidence-based Spiritual Care Communication Application for iOS. The innovative product was adapted from the Spiritual Care Communication Board, used for reducing stress and anxiety in non-verbal, mechanically ventilated patients, according to a study published in AnnalsATS.

“We have had an overwhelming response from the market since the COVID-19 crisis began. With procurement departments inundated with orders related to personal protection equipment and ventilators, physician and nurses called our offices to order the Spiritual Care Communication Boards and EZ Boards, some requesting we mail them to their homes to avoid any delays,” stated Vidatak CEO Lance Patak, M.D., MBA.  “During the first peak of the crisis, we offered our boards for free to help in situations where hospitals were unable to afford them or order them due to financial or crisis barriers.”

Knowing how critical it was for COVID-19 patients who might be dying to be able to communicate their spiritual needs to their providers, a medical student, Jeremy Housekeeper, from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, offered to donate his time to develop the Spiritual Care Communication Application so it could be made more readily available to everyone with access to an iPad.

“The Spiritual Care Communication App will provide access for chaplains, family members, and caregivers throughout the continuum of care to a clinically proven patient-provider communication tool to meet their patients’ spiritual needs at the most critical time in their life,” stated Patak.

Rev. Raymond G. Coffman, Manager of Pastoral Care at WellStar Cobb Hospital in Austell, Georgia, commented: “As a longtime Chaplain and Manager of Pastoral Care, I was delighted to find a Spiritual Care Communication solution that could be used with non-vocal patients. Addressing Spiritual Pain along with the graphics that indicate one's emotional needs, to the inter-faith interventions request board are like nothing I have ever seen.”

Mark Tomchik, President of Acuity Medical, and Master Distributor of all Vidatak communication boards expressed his appreciation, “As we well know patients’ physical and cognitive capabilities wax and wane throughout the course of their ICU stay and so the Spiritual Care Communication App makes a perfect complement to the Spiritual Care Communication Boards so that patients have access to a variety of tools that match their physical and cognitive abilities on any given day.

Instructions for download:
1) Download Spiritual Care from the Apple App Store
2) Tap on lock icon on the top right
3) Tap on Enterprise Login
4) Enter "Chaplain" for login
5) Enter "F8OECPZW0ISPTQJ3WOYLY8VKD" for passcode.
6) This free subscription will be valid through September 30, 2020.
7) For information on institutional licenses for VidaTalk and Spiritual Care, please email Vidatak

Vidatak LLC is based in Ann Arbor, MI, and is the manufacturer of the Vidatak EZ Board™, Spiritual Care Communication Board, VidaTalk™ and Spiritual Care.

Source: Vidatak, LLC


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