Vidatak Adds Transformative Talk-to-Text Captioning Feature to Multi-Lingual Patient Communication Application, VidaTalk

Communication is the cornerstone of quality healthcare, making effective communication critical to quality outcomes for patients with communication barriers.

Never miss a word!

Released today, VidaTalk expands its impact, further empowering the most vulnerable patients throughout the healthcare system with its new talk-to-text feature. By providing seamless communication between patients who are hard of hearing and their healthcare professionals, VidaTalk ensures these patients are able to comprehend medical information accurately and effectively.

"Empowering autonomy for patients with speech and language barriers is our core mission," states Dr. Patak, CEO of Vidatak, LLC. "Our Program is unique in that our active, ongoing engagement with our clients allow us to capture best practices from world class healthcare systems across the country and share these with our clients to help optimize their workflow processes and provider education in a way that achieves the patient empowerment and autonomy they envision was possible." 

VidaTalk is not just a solution; it is a change in practice. 

To use the talk-to-text feature, simply tap on the keyboard tab, then activate the microphone by tapping on the microphone symbol. All transcription is performed in real time. No data is stored.

Lisa Spencer, Vidatak's Chief Experience Officer shares her insight explaining, "VidaTalk promotes equitable and patient-centered healthcare experiences for patients who rely on sign language interpreters, and even more importantly, for those patients who lost their hearing and haven't learned signed language."

Talk-to-text has transformed the way healthcare providers engage with their patients who are hard of hearing, improving efficiency, accuracy, mutual understanding and comprehension of care, fostering independence and enhancing relationships. 

Healthcare institutions that embrace and implement such advancements to ensure inclusive and accessible care for their most vulnerable patients - including those with speech, hearing and language barriers - model health equity and are positioned to report the best outcomes and be the most profitable.

Source: Vidatak

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