Victory Medical Solutions Contracts With QOLPOM

Expanding Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth Programs in Arizona and the Navajo Nation

​​​​​​​​​​​Parallax Health Sciences, Inc. ("Parallax" or the "Company") (PRLX), is pleased to announce that Victory Medical Solutions LLC  (VMS) has chosen QOLPOM, Parallax’s Telehealth subsidiary, to provide high quality healthcare in the rural and remote parts of Arizona. VMS is leveraging technology, allowing its accredited nursing operation to bring healthcare to some of the poorest counties in Arizona, where access to basic healthcare services is historically difficult. In these rural communities, where most live below the poverty level, the Arizona healthcare system is incurring significant and escalating costs in order to provide services.  Logistics, including ambulatory services and hospital readmissions, are having a highly challenging effect on both the quality of care and the escalating costs to the healthcare system of Arizona.

VMS has worked with QOLPOM through VMS’s Telehealth service division, Advanced Healthcare Alliance at Home (AHAH), that is currently providing Telehealth services to the Navajo Nation through a key Collaboration with Native American Chapter houses. Technology provided by QOLPOM is used with support from the Navajo Tribal Utility Authority, Frontier Communications and Cellular One. Clinical oversight and direction will be from the Arizona Telemedicine Program in conjunction with the Southwest Telehealth Resource Center.

Cost effective, high quality care delivery is our focus for the health of our citizens in Arizona's rural communities and that of the tribal members within our neighboring Indian nations.

Kirk Tjalas, PhD RN CEO of Victory Medical Solutions

QOLPOM stands for Quality of Life – Peace of Mind.  QOLPOM services are focused on  sustaining and improving the Quality of Life for individuals who are experiencing either transitory or long term medical conditions. Peace of Mind comes to clients and their loved ones with the confidence that care is being monitored professionally and continuously, knowing that help is always near.

“Cost effective, high quality care delivery is our focus for the health of our citizens in Arizona’s rural communities and that of the tribal members within our neighboring Indian nations. Their unique challenges has led us to create a technological solution,” said Kirk Tjalas PHD, RN Chief Executive Officer of Victory Medical Solutions stated. “QOLPOM’s partnership with VMS has solved technology, logistics and data management through a trusted partnership that will help us grow and focus on our accredited nursing operation.”

QOLPOM’s President, Nathaniel Bradley, stated, “QOLPOM is an important component in VMS’s program and we’re bringing our efforts towards the expansion of this program through focus on creating exceptional customized Telehealth services. VMS has specific needs, and we listened. We will continue to listen and tailor our services to meet our customers’ needs, making our customers more efficient and more scalable.”


Wrapping Technology Around Health and Human Services

QOLPOM’s services are predicated on delivering the most state of the art, up to date tele-monitoring programs, devices and applications. The key is to customize services to meet the unique needs of individual clients and their families, that is, to wade through the confusing maize of services and find or create what works best. We are building software, technology and support infrastructure for the coming home healthcare revolution. We have access to the highest quality products and customizable monitoring operations that deliver quality of life for our users and peace of mind for those who care for and about them. QOLPOM operates out of Tucson, Arizona and its monitoring center is located in Tempe, Arizona. 


Parallax Health Sciences, Inc., with offices in Santa Monica, CA, is a fully reporting Nevada corporation (PRLX). Parallax is focused on personalized patient healthcare with its Pharmacy and Infertility business through its Beverly Hills, California based RoxSan Pharmacy and RoxSan Fertility Group operations and Parallax Diagnostics. Parallax Diagnostics has rights to a line of point of care diagnostic tests on a single proprietary platform, and plans to develop a novel, hand-held diagnostic testing system that is simple, rapid and elegant, offering the potential to transform the diagnostic landscape by transitioning critical tests from the centralized lab directly to the hands of the physician, care givers or home use. and and


Victory Medical Solutions LLC is focused on bringing practical, affordable, reliable healthcare solutions to its customers. These solutions are targeted to assist small to mid-sized Health care organizations and individuals. In providing more efficient and effective care, improving patient care and outcomes, facility profitability and cash flow and complying with current regulations and requirements for electronic health and medical records. Victory Medical Solutions offers the solutions modern healthcare agencies and individuals are seeking.

Source: Parallax Health Sciences, Inc.

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