Victoria's Transport Construction Boom Creates Thousands of Jobs for Skilled Workers

With over 100 major projects being delivered that aim to change the way Victorians travel, it is an exciting time for construction and engineering recruitment in Melbourne.

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 As part of Victoria's Big Build, there are currently many large-scale road and rail infrastructure projects underway in the state, expected to transform how Victorians travel. AIO Contracting, an engineering labour hire agency in Melbourne, says the transport construction boom has created a wealth of job opportunities across all types of sectors, including construction and engineering.

The wide range of construction projects are intended to reduce congestion and travel times and improve safety. Projects currently underway include removing 75 dangerous and congested level crossings across metro Melbourne, as well as train line upgrades including delivering Geelong Fast Rail, Melbourne Airport Rail, the Metro Tunnel and Regional Rail Revival. Major road projects include M80, CityLink, Tullamarine and Monash freeway upgrades.

Additionally, the 'Big Build' includes freeway network changes such as the North East Link, the biggest road project in Victoria, designed to fix the missing link in Melbourne's freeway network and the West Gate Tunnel project, an alternative to the West Gate Bridge, projected to reduce congestion and remove trucks from residential streets.

The Victorian government has indicated that the project will create thousands of new jobs across a variety of sectors. The $15.8 billion North East Link project alone is expected to create 10,000 jobs and millions of dollars of contracts. Providing engineering labour hire in Melbourne, AIO, says delivering these large scale projects takes multidisciplinary teams working collaboratively in a complex environment.

As the government actively recruits workers in construction and engineering positions to help shape Victoria's transport network, AIO, who are considered one of the best engineering recruitment agencies in Melbourne, are encouraging skilled job seekers and those looking for apprenticeships to get in touch with them, so they can be matched with prospective job opportunities.

More information about Victoria's Big Build job opportunities and training for businesses within the engineering, manufacturing, construction and maintenance industries can be found by contacting AIO directly.

Source: AIO Contracting


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