Victoria Leading the Way in Labour Hire

As employees, the global pandemic has forever changed the way we view the security of employment as well as the potential for loss of income.

Labour Hire Melbourne

 For companies and labour providers, it has forever changed the way they view contractual obligations to staff and the potential for redundancies. This has led many companies in Victoria to turn to a reliable and consistent segment of the employment market, labour hire. According to AIO Contracting, this area is quickly growing in popularity in Australia but especially among the quick adopting segment in our state.

Labour-hire agencies in Melbourne are now required to become registered with the Labour Hire Authority. Not a simple online process, this approval isn't easily handed out. With thousands of applications currently under consideration, there are a few companies who have managed to acquire this sought-after license. These companies are helping bolster the economy with a new type of workforce.

Victoria leads the pack in terms of advancing the labour-hire industry. While others continue to allow anyone, to call themselves a provider, Victoria is working to put an end to dodgy labour agencies. They're committed to carefully assessing the over 3,000 applications submitted. The new registration path ensures that while there may be fewer providers, the ones left are qualified and able to provide the high-quality workers needed in Victoria.

AIO is one such company that has been successful in their application for a labour-hire license. As the government has stipulated that only licensed providers can provide these services from the 30 of October 2019, they've come out ahead just in time for the global pandemic to hit the labour market hard. With companies wanting to limit the risk of permanent employees, they have become a beacon of hope for those looking for contractors.

AIO specialises in skilled labour hire, including tradespeople, production staff, ticketed and technical candidates. Their license also proves to any potential partners that they've received the okay from the state government to provide their quality services to Australian companies.

This gives an alternative to human resource managers who need to find staff quickly but don't want to commit to signing on employees at the company's risk. As other states follow Victoria's lead, we'll slowly start to see if they can put the same safeguards into place and what that will mean for a post-pandemic world.

Source: AIO Contracting