Victor Buonamia Invited to Join Florida Polytechnic University Industry Advisory Board

Florida Polytechnic University is a self-styled 21st-century educational institution focusing solely on applied science.

Florida Polytechnic University regularly engages with business partners who it believes will contribute to its curriculum and learning experience, inviting them to become members of its Industry Advisory Board. Members collaborate on research and are able to draw from a pool of talented and highly-capable students for internships and cooperatives.

A recent appointment to the advisory board, under Vice Provost Kathryn Miller, is People, Technology, and Processes CEO Victor Buonamia.

Florida Polytechnic University is an institution of higher learning, dedicated to the principle that innovation occurs when creativity and research are applied to real-world opportunities and challenges.

Victor Buonamia, Industry Advisory Board

Leading with skill, talent, and knowledge derived from over 30 years of program management, technical, and operational experience, within both small and large organizations, including the Department of Defense and Homeland Security, Buonamia boasts excellent credentials.

"Florida Polytechnic University is an institution of higher learning, dedicated to the principle that innovation occurs when creativity and research are applied to real-world opportunities and challenges," remarks Buonamia of joining the Industry Advisory Board.

It's Florida Polytechnic's belief that a university focused on research, innovation, and building business and industry partnerships will become more than just an academic institution. "It will become a powerful economic engine," Buonamia suggests.

People, Technology, and Processes is a leading service and solutions provider, supporting federal and commercial organizations in areas of medical information technology and knowledge management. "Since establishing People, Technology, and Processes we've demonstrated ourselves to be a proven business in these areas with many outstanding testimonials and a proven track record of past performances," Buonamia explains.

Priding itself on its client-driven approach, the company supports improved structure and order through the fusion of people and processes, utilizing technology as an enabler.

Meanwhile, connecting with business and industry leaders to establish ongoing exchanges of information, Florida Polytechnic University intends to identify the knowledge and skills needed for its graduates to succeed in the industries related to its programs.

As an industry partner, Victor Buonamia and People, Technology, and Processes will endeavor to assist in curriculum development in order to promote academic excellence within Florida Polytechnic University.

In addition to this, and alongside his service on the advisory board, Buonamia and the business will aim to provide internship opportunities, conduct joint research, and collaborate on product development. In a continuum of support, People, Technology, and Processes will further look to train and ultimately hire Florida Polytechnic graduates.

By instructing on what business and industry leaders expect of graduates, advisory board members, such as Vic Buonamia, enable the university to fine-tune its teaching methods.

"Meeting twice yearly in formal sessions, advisory board members also assist in promoting Florida Polytechnic University to potential students, employers, governmental agencies, and legislative leaders," explains People, Technology, and Processes CFO Nicole Buonamia.

"Members will interact with faculty, staff and university heads on issues of mutual concern, from goals and objectives to educational trends, development and capital campaigns, research opportunities, budgets, enrollments, employment opportunities, degrees and further related topics," she continues.

With a proven capacity in operational improvement and international business, and a successful track record in optimizing results for global and local enterprises, as CFO of People, Technology, and Processes, Nicole Buonamia will be responsible for assisting CEO Vic Buonamia in a number of his board duties.

"It's not just a wonderful personal accolade, it's also great recognition for our entire business," the CEO further remarks of his appointment to the board.

"The entire People, Technology, and Processes team," Vic Buonamia adds in closing, "is proud to be associated with Florida Polytechnic University, and long may that association continue."

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