Vibrant Mezcal SantoInfierno Hits the U.S. Spirits Market

A fiery mezcal spirit is now available to awaken taste buds in the United States

Soul Spirits Group and Hangover Street worked together to bring Mezcal SantoInfierno to the United States spirits market. This unique mezcal is brought to the market by Jordan Belfort, known as the Wolf of Wall Street. It has citric notes, a hint of herbs and spices, and a rich flavor from pure Espadin agave. Soul Spirits Group, an importer of alcoholic beverages, recognized the rising popularity of mezcal spirits and collaborated with Hangover Street Wholesale Liquor to make this fiery spirit available to U.S. distributors.

What is Mezcal? - Mezcal is the name of a traditional Mexican alcoholic beverage. Unlike tequila, Mezcal is a 100% handcrafted artisanal spirits product that can be produced with 30 different varieties of agave, including Espadin, Tobala and Salmiana. Each expression of mezcal holds a unique flavor profile, similar to varieties of wine, that is influenced by the agave species' habitat and history. Mezcal is stronger and richer in flavor than tequila, and it can be drunk straight or in mixers. Mezcal is required to be 100% pure agave nectar, whereas tequila is only required to be 51% agave.

Mezcal SantoInfierno

This soulful mezcal from Jordan Belfort was produced in San Baltazar Guelaviila, Oaxaca. It highlights purity, sin, light and darkness. Mezcal SantoInfierno is made with 100% 7-year-matured maguey Espadin and distilled twice in copper stills, ensuring a strong high-quality flavor from when it is planted to when it reaches the taste buds.

Soul Spirits Group witnessed enormous growth for mezcal spirits and decided to work with Hangover Street to bring the product to the U.S. To inquire about, or request local distribution of this exciting new mezcal, please contact Hangover Street Wholesale Liquor at or 214-560-4065. Learn more about Mezcal SantoInfierno at

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