Vibes Modular Announces Launch of First Ever Vibration Sound Engine Personal Audio Device for Smartphones

The VIBROX is part of a new portable ROXON sound system and is one of the thinnest and lightest Bluetooth speakers of all time - perfect for 'modding out' any smartphone with powerful sound


· VIBROX is the first-ever personal Bluetooth speaker device using a Vibration Sound Engine (VSE) technology

· VIBROX meets IPX6 waterproof standards (minimum of three minutes of powerful jets spraying at least 100 liters of water per minute.)

· Fits with VOLTROX, a portable removable 3000mAH battery pack module which can attach to the BASEROX phone case

· Fits with BASEROX unique smartphone protective case featuring the ROXON smartphone connection system, and fits all top selling smartphones

· Allows users to keep their accessories when upgrading a phone

Vibes Modular, the leading design and engineering firm for premium modular smartphone systems, today announced the official launch of the VIBROX Sound Engine - the world's first smartphone sound system based on the revolutionary, patent-pending Vibration Sound Engine (VSE) technology from Vibes Modular. The VIBROX, a thin/waterproof BluetoothTM speaker, is one of the most innovative personal sound systems because it breaks away from hundred-year-old speaker technology. The patented VSE topology creates vibrations across the surface of the unit to create crystal clear sound at volumes and purity previously unable at such a portable size. This is truly the personal portable speaker REINVENTED.

"We weren't satisfied with simply creating a more usable Bluetooth speaker," stated Scharles Wilder, CTO of Vibes Modular. "We wanted to completely turn the industry upside down. Make everything more portable, personal and sharable. We designed this to be modular and usable with almost any smartphone, avoiding costly upgrades when you change phones. We developed a completely new technology never seen before in such a small form factor, and made it to produce amazingly clear sound."

Every now and then a new technical innovation comes into light to shake up the speaker world. It happened with personal computers and digital photography, and now it is the speaker that is getting reinvented. When Tesla, Edison and Siemens were all creating the loudspeaker, they used an electrical current through a coil to push sound waves via a cone - basically pumping air. This worked well, but required depth for the cone and air to move, while also being somewhat fragile due to the cone being thin. Miniaturization of this tech for smaller, highly portable Bluetooth speakers also decreased the fidelity of this speaker design. Enter the VIBROX.


· Big powerful sound in a thin 'fits-in-your-pocket' form factor

· 3.6 ounce lightweight and durable carbon fiber soundboard

· Waterproof omnidirectional microphone that meets the rigorous IPX7 standard (Immersion for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter) for two way conference calling

· 10-12 hours of playtime

· 150 hours of standby time

· Bluetooth 4.0 connection feature for all-inclusive compatibility with phones, tablets, and computers supporting iOS, Android and Windows.

· Pause/Play feature

· Voice battery indicator

· Song tracking forward and back

· Indoor and Outdoor EQ settings

To order yours, go to Products can also be tested out in person during CES, January 9 - 12 at the Palazzo Hotel, Room 44805. Call 310-927-1829 to stop by.

About Vibes Audio

Vibes Modular is recognized as the leading design and engineering firm for premium Bluetooth and power products that deliver unprecedented modular systems for your smartphone with the ROXONTM modular smartphone system which includes the BASEROXTM, VIBROXTM and VOLTROXTM products.

Founded in 2014, Vibes Modular is dedicated to using the highest quality materials and engineering to bring cutting edge, premium audio and power products to market. Vibes Modular is committed to developing future products that offer sustainability for an ever-changing market. VIBESMODULAR.COM.



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