Viant Enhances Programmatic Pharmaceutical Offering With New Data Partnerships

Launches new whitepaper "Programmatic for Pharma Marketers" to help navigate the digital landscape

​Viant, a Meredith Corporation people-based advertising technology company, today announced an enhanced offering for pharmaceutical marketers. The enhanced platform provides accuracy and dependability when marketers execute both direct to consumer (DTC) and healthcare provider (HCP) campaigns.

The widespread availability of online resources for both consumers and healthcare providers have created both new challenges and opportunities for pharmaceutical marketers. The rise in healthcare consumerism has led to self-diagnosing, with 71% of adults now searching for healthcare information online. Similarly, 79% of healthcare providers prefer to stay informed with online research and are less likely to meet with sales representatives in person. This has created an opportunity for pharma marketers to reach a highly engaged audience but in a privacy-compliant way.

As a heavily regulated and restricted vertical when it comes to advertising, pharmaceutical marketers must work with a partner that is able to navigate the unique complexities of the industry. That’s why Viant’s enhanced platform has partnered with HIPAA compliant providers like Crossix and MedData to ensure marketers can reach the right audiences at scale. These deterministic integrations enable marketers to reach consumers and healthcare providers in an omnichannel DSP with access to pharma approved publishers at scale.

“Eyeballs are continuing to shift from print to digital and linear TV to Connected TV, and pharma marketers need to reach audiences on these new channels to scale their campaigns,” says Jon Schulz, CMO of Viant. “Viant’s giving pharmaceutical marketers a way to efficiently move into digital in a privacy-compliant way.”

The Viant platform also enables pharmaceutical marketers to not only target audiences but also execute fully integrated privacy-compliant omni-channel campaigns, retarget viewers on their digital devices right after television ad exposure, and reach them with longform or interactive video units that can meet the needs of Important Safety Information [ISI] requirements.

For more information on the programmatic and digital advertising opportunities available to pharmaceutical marketers, including emerging channels and the changing regulatory landscape, download the new Viant whitepaper “Programmatic Advertising for Pharma Marketers”.

About Viant

Viant Technology LLC is a premier people-based advertising technology company, enabling marketers to plan, execute and measure their digital media investments through a cloud-based platform. Built on a foundation of people instead of cookies, the Viant ® Advertising Cloud provides marketers with access to over 250 million registered users in the U.S., infusing accuracy, reach and accountability into cross-device advertising. Founded in 1999, Viant owns and operates Adelphic and is a member of the Xumo joint venture. In February 2018, Meredith Corporation (NYSE: MDP) acquired Viant parent company Time Inc. (NYSE: TIME) and all its subsidiary companies, creating a cross-channel ecosystem of nearly 200 million unduplicated American consumers every month, including 85 percent of U.S. Millennial women. Viant is a 2018 Inc. Magazine Best Workplaces award winner.

Source: Viant