VFuels and MMEX Resources Announce Accelerated Schedule for Pecos County, Texas Refinery

Refinery Manufacturing Partner VFuels and MMEX Start Up West Texas Crude Distillation Detailed Engineering to Shave Two Months Off Construction

VFuels is pleased to announce the start up of the Detailed Design and Engineering (the “DED”) for the MMEX Resources/Pecos Refining & Transport Phase 1 Crude Distillation Refinery Project in Pecos County, Texas.

VFuels is a full-service oil and gas engineering, design, and fabrication firm that specializes in modular refinery process equipment. VFuels designs and fabricates modular refineries and gas plants using its experience and expertise in modular construction. VFuels modular equipment is manufactured in controlled conditions in Houston, Texas, fully assembled and tested prior to overseas or domestic shipment, and installed at each client’s site in much less time than traditional construction requires.

Cody Summerhays, Business Development Director of VFuels added, “VFuels is excited and honored to be working with the MMEX team on the Fort Stockton refinery. In order to reduce the overall project schedule and to advance the 10,000 bpd CDU project, VFuels is starting the DED for the Inside Battery Limits (ISBL) portion of the project. This activity will reduce the overall project schedule by at least 60 days and will allow VFuels to begin fabrication immediately on the ISBL portion of the project, once completed.”

Under the Equipment Supply and EPC agreements with MMEX and its special purpose company, Pecos Refining & Transport, LLC, VFuels will oversee the engineering, design and construction of the 10,000 BPD distillation unit ISBL. Saulsbury Industries of Odessa Texas is the overall EPC partner for the engineering and construction of the Outside the Battery Limits (OSBL) components of the Project.

MMEX Resources Corp. (OTCPK: MMEX), a development stage company focusing on the acquisition, development and financing of oil, gas, refining and infrastructure projects in Texas and South America, and has selected Saulsbury as its overall EPC to complete the detailed engineering and to construct the planned Pecos County Crude Distillation Unit refinery previously announced by MMEX.

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