- New-Anti Trump Web Site From PFH Consulting Hopes to Sell and Cash in on the Presidential Race

​Just announced today, PFH Consulting (Powers Family Holdings) announced they will sell off a group of premium domains including,, and

"Our company has been acquiring premium digital assets for 18 months as we plan to launch a Cannabis Industry Web Portal and we decided that it was the right time to sell off the political themed domains. We know that VetsAgainstTrump is a high value domain that we can sell at a premium price," said Rex Powers, Founder of PFH.

"Digital Properties can fluctuate in value much like real estate. has strategic value to either party so we have decided to sell this now."

Rex Powers, Founder/CEO

PFH Consulting works with companies that have unique operational challenges that result from hyper-growth. Powers feels this has provided the company with a diverse set of skills that it will benefit from as it launches its new web portal for the emerging Cannabis Industry. "We have acquired approx 300 domains that we will strategically build into a vertically integrated structure that will include interactive blogs and social media and a very strong emphasis on Consumer Education," said Powers.

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Rex Powers

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