Veteran Innovative Products Announces Beyond the Hunt Partnership

Veteran Innovative Products (VIP) announces their partnership with the "Beyond the Hunt TV," a show appearing on the Outdoor Channel.

Rick Kreuter's Monster Bear Shot with Veteran Broadheads

Veteran Innovative Products (VIP) announces their partnership with the "Beyond the Hunt TV," a show appearing on the Outdoor Channel, featuring hosts Rick and Julie Kreuter.

Veteran Innovative Products' (VIP) flagship broadhead, The Veteran will be featured in this season's "Beyond the Hunt" show.

"When we met Matt and Chris from Veteran Innovative Products we were inspired by the Veteran's 'never fail' design. We want to shoot the best. Using VIP products on our hunts gives us the much-needed confidence in the field, and it's working. We just took a monster bear and the hunt will air this season," said Rick Kreuter.

All of Veteran Innovative Products are veteran owned, veteran designed and American made. The Veteran Broadhead brings together cutting edge technology and innovation in combining the best of both worlds of a fixed blade and that of a mechanical broadhead. The dual spring blade is 1 1/4" and expands to 2 1/2". Top it off with a titanium tip and an aluminum body and you have a scalpel sharp broadhead; ideal for minimizing deflection and maximizing penetration through or past bone.

"We have watched and admired the high-quality television show, 'Beyond the Hunt,' for years. To have our broadheads tested and chosen by experienced hunters like Rick and Julie proves that there is a strong appreciation for American made products and innovative designs that work," said Matt Futtere, inventor of the Veteran Broadhead.

VIP was founded by Matthew Futtere and Chris Albrecht and is previously known as Arrowdynamic Solutions; a leader and home to the most lethal engineering available in the outdoor market. As a long-time veteran of the U.S. Navy and following his more recent return from Afghanistan, Futtere has refocused his efforts to live his life to the fullest by simply doing what he enjoys the most; creating ground-breaking, outdoor products. Albrecht is a globally-experienced bow hunter. You can learn more about VIP by visiting or by contacting Matthew Futtere at

To see Rick and Julie Kreuter, you can watch "Beyond the Hunt" on the Outdoor Channel, Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. EST, Mondays at 11:30 a.m. EST, and Fridays at 2:30 p.m. EST. The show is currently airing its 11th season. For additional information, visit For news and updated information, follow Rick and Julie on

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