Vessel Documentation Online Introduces New Web Application Forum for US Boaters

Introducing a new way to file all major vessel documentation paperwork online.

US Vessel Online LLC

Vessel Documentation Online is introducing a new and seamless web portal to handle and maintain all maritime vessel documentation required by United States law.  By accessing, boaters in the US can file all of the major documentation forms required for recreational or commercial use. 

Everything from logging the vessel name change and hailing port, transfers, reinstatements, and abstract of title and all initial documentations can be processed in a single place online, without the need of dealing with a range of agencies involved.  Further, all requests are processed in a timely fashion, reducing the normal wait times that are common in the vessel documentation process.  

All vessels that operate in navigable waters of the US are required to have a certain level of documentation, ranging in the types of commercial or recreational use for each boat. By using the new site's features and functions, every type of industrial use is covered.  The service also offers status updates on acceptance of submitted documentation.   

In addition to seamless registration transactions, Vessel Documentation Online boasts the top level of security and encryption of private applicant information.  Users are able to fill out registration forms as well as submit their own paperwork online via secure document upload portal. The site uses SSL encryption on secure servers for safe application transmission.

Although the web service is aimed at assisting in the processing of a range of government documents, Vessel Documentation Online LLC is not affiliated with the United States Coast Guard or the National Vessel Documentation Center.  The website is part of a fee for service agency that does not act as any governmental agency in accepting or rejecting applications.  

For more information, or to make a press inquiry, contact (800) 340-7580.

Source: National Vessel Documentation Center LLC


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