Vertiport Operations to Soon Reach New Heights Through Siemens / Skyway Collaboration

Siemens/Skyway Vertiport Concept Render

Siemens and Skyway are working together to determine the electrical and digital infrastructure needed to support vertiport operations. Vertiports are hubs for VTOLs (vertical take-off and landing vehicles) such as air taxis and drones. The scope of collaboration involves both companies researching the energy demands of vertiports and developing sustainable electrical supply, standard charging processes, and a system of systems to support aircraft operations. Innovation around vertiport infrastructure will be critical to the future scalability of electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) flight operations.

A main objective of the collaborative effort is to develop vertiports. This includes researching, developing, planning, and being part of the construction and operation of them, with each company bringing its own strength and experience to the effort. Skyway has a vast knowledge of airspace mission planning and management, air traffic navigation, and unmanned aircraft operations, and Siemens has infrastructure expertise in electrification, vehicle charging, and facility operations.  

Together, the two will work together to design and engineer a universal eVTOL charging process by evaluating the charging, power, and software requirements to ensure reliable and efficient operations. In addition, Siemens and Skyway will collaborate on innovative ideas to standardize overall vertiport planning and design and reduce energy consumption.

"Sustainable energy solutions will be the foundation and the necessity for adoption of Urban Air Mobility with the electrification of eVTOL aircraft," says Clifford Cruz, Skyway CEO. "Combining our companies' resources and industry foresight can influence vertiport construction efforts and general UAM solutions on an industry-wide scale while setting a new precedent for modern transportation." 

"It is exciting for Siemens to contribute to the evolution of the Urban Air Mobility Industry," says John Kasuda, Head of Airports at Siemens Smart Infrastructure North America. "The development and efficient operations of vertiports will require innovative solutions to meet the expected demands of fast aircraft turnaround times and a network of varying landing facilities." 

The aviation industry is evolving with innovations being made in both flight and air traffic operations. eVTOLs bring a new mobility market that positively impacts communities through traffic decongestion and connection to areas not well served by the current aviation system. 

Source: Skyway

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