Verocel Announces Its 20th Anniversary

Verocel celebrates two decades of making digital systems safer

Today Verocel reaches its milestone twentieth anniversary as a supplier of services that ensures commercial and proprietary software meets regulatory requirements for use in safety-critical systems. The company was founded in 1999 by George Romanski and James Chelini, the current CEO, who were convinced their combined 50+ years of software development and verification could be applied to the benefit of other companies seeking help in ensuring their software was safe. Since its founding, Verocel has performed verification and certification of many software components including numerous operating systems deployed on billions of devices and systems worldwide.

“I’m extremely proud of our accomplishments and growth,” said Chelini. “Moving forward, our focus will include addressing safety in the areas of complex autonomous systems, new methods of verification and multi-core, system-on-chip hardware.”

Verocel belongs to a number of industry committees and standards bodies dedicated to shaping regulatory guidance for the approval of software and complex hardware used in aviation, industrial, automotive and autonomous systems. By participating in these organizations, Verocel helps influence the constantly-evolving safety standards, is aware of proposed changes even before they are official, and thus can continually adapt to remain compliant with the various standards and requirements. Verocel is currently involved in a working group of industry and government leaders that will shape how next generation systems, including autonomous systems are proven to be safe.

Verocel provides independent software and complex hardware verification used in safety-critical applications, such as Boeing and Airbus commercial aircraft, passenger rail systems and autonomous systems such as self-driving vehicles and air taxis. Services include development and review of software plans and standards, software requirement and test development, software structural coverage analyses, life cycle data traceability, generation of certification artifacts to satisfy safety standards for existing software, and verification compliance consulting and training services. In addition, Verocel has a suite of tools that makes developing certification materials, to meet RTCA/DO-178, ISO26262 and IEC61508 standards considerably more efficient. Verocel ( is headquartered in Westford, Massachusetts, USA, with subsidiaries in Germany and Poland.

Source: Verocel, Inc.