Verijet to Be Fueled by Dimensional Energy

Dimensional will supply Verijet with SAF synfuel made from carbon dioxide (CO2) captured from carbon emissions in the air.

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At a ceremony held in New York City during UN's 77th General Assembly and Climate Week's 14th year, Verijet CEO Richard announced the execution of a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Dimensional Energy Inc. to purchase a minimum of 750,000 gallons of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) by 2025.

Kane said, "We are excited to leverage Dimensional's groundbreaking carbon dioxide (C02) to fuels technology in the creation of truly Sustainable Aviation Fuel made from captured atmospheric carbon dioxide (C02) and water cracked with clean energy sources. Dimensional's technology is transformational. We are thrilled to participate alongside Dimensional in decarbonizing aviation."

Jason Salfi, CEO of Dimensional Energy Inc., said, "Aviation as a form of transportation is forecast to grow by 50% over the next 20 years. I am excited to be working with Verijet to decarbonize aviation by offering the service of zero emissions air travel by pairing Dimensional's sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) with Verijet's high-performance jets."

About Verijet

A Florida-based private jet charter company, Verijet, is disrupting the market by offering consumers a reduced carbon footprint option while flying private, and at a lower price point. Verijet's mission is to transform aviation responsibly, be the best airline on and for the planet, and democratize private flight. Founded in late 2020, Verijet makes flying privately available to more people and places than ever before. Verijet is a technology company that has morphed into an air carrier - revolutionizing private aviation through the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and large-scale computing combined with the most innovative, advanced, and safest jets in the air today. Backed by an experienced team of aviation investors, professionals, and suppliers, Verijet has grown quickly and operates a fleet of 20 radically safe, quiet, and environmentally friendly Cirrus Aircraft SF50 Vision Jets in the U.S. Verijet recently completed the 5,000th revenue flight in just over 22 months of operation with a 100% perfect safety record. To learn more or to book a trip, call 833-Verijet or visit our website at

About Dimensional

Dimensional Energy envisions a world free from fossil fuel dependency. We use carbon dioxide emissions as a replacement for fossil carbon to make the fuels and products people use daily. Our team of subject matter experts comes from all over the world with a shared purpose of making the sustainable materials necessary for a truly circular economy and bringing about climate justice for all. Our technology can produce energy locally at a scale that can satisfy global demand without extracting resources or fomenting conflict. Learn more at

Source: Verijet, Inc.

About Verijet, Inc.

Verijet is a revolutionary private aviation company. All Verijet flights are 100% carbon neutral. This is our reality today, not a pledge in the future. Travelers can fly confidently, knowing that their flight has zero carbon impact.

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