Verdict. Bike - the Rickshack Urban Folding Bike

Getting around the city just became a little bit easier. Verdict. has announced the launch of the Rickshack Urban Folding Bike, a folding bike perfect for city dwellers who want an affordable and sustainable solution for urban travel. A Verdict. spokesperson said the development of the bike was an instinctual move

​“We’ve been known as a designer of vintage-style goods for authentic consumers,” the spokesperson said today. “Our Rickshack Urban Folding Bike is, in our opinion, the perfect form of transportation for discerning consumers who love the Verdict. brand and want a portable, efficient way to move around.”

The folding bike has long been a mainstay in urban, bike-friendly cities like Amsterdam and Barcelona but has just started to become popular in the United States.

"We've always been committed to expressing an authentic lifestyle in every product we make and the Rickshack is no different,"


Their line of folding bikes are the first bicycles offered by the company. The Rickshack features a fluid folding system that can break the bike down in just a few seconds. In its folded state, the bike is small enough to take on the train or in the trunk of a car.

“The alloy frame on our Rickshack ensures that you get a sturdy, light ride,” the Verdict. spokesperson said. “And the fact that it folds up in a matter of seconds makes the bike and even better solution for travel-conscious consumers.”

While the bike’s portability is its most attractive feature to urbanites, the Rickschack also features a solid lineup of components.

Verdict. chose Shimano 7-speed shifters for their new launch. The range of gears gives riders the perfect spectrum of options for most urban street environments.

The bike also features Kenda tires and Wanda tubes, a pairing built on reliability and durability.

“The last thing you want to happen is a punctured tire in the middle of a busy city street,” Verdict.’s spokesperson said. “That’s why we’ve chosen trusted tire companies like Kenda and Wanda to work with us on our Rickshack project.”

Each Rickshack comes with 20” double-wall alloy rims as well.

While the idea that Verdict. would release a folding bike may seem out of character for the company, Verdict.’s spokesperson said the company believes the bike is an important part of the lifestyle to company is trying to promote.

“We’ve always been committed to expressing an authentic lifestyle in every product we make and the Rickshack is no different,” they said. “Our team recognizes the importance of sustainable transportation. Our new folding bike was born from that philosophy.”

Verdict.’s Rickshack Urban Folding Bike is the company’s first venture into transportation. Other products in their lineup include a stylish loudspeaker, a tasteful luggage set, a vintage turntable and a portable power source for electronic devices.

Each product plays an important role in the life of an urban apartment dweller, the company said.

The Rickshack folding bike is available for purchase on the Verdict. website.


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