Venture Church is Organizing a Rapid Response for a Community in Need

Church Embraces the 760

Convoy of Hope

​On any given Thursday during the school year, volunteers gather at Venture Church in Encinitas, CA, in order to pack 50 bags full of food. The food is distributed in partnership with local two local elementary schools. The weekend food bags provide children - whose families have come upon hard times - with proper nutrition during their weekend away from school.

“When the COVID-19 shelter in place was implemented, we weren’t exactly sure what to expect from any of our programs. In order to remain agile and to fill any need, I implemented a Rapid Response Team comprised of our church family,” said Troy Martin, Lead Pastor of Venture Church. By the month of April, the Rapid Response Team had seen the demand for the weekly food bags grow to nearly 200 bags every week. Additionally, many families who attended the church and lived in the local community began looking to the church for assistance. “Our rally cry during the crisis has been to Love the 760 (#LoveThe760 on social media), and in doing so we haven’t said no to an opportunity to serve as much of the community as we can,” explains Martin. 

On May 30, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., Venture Church will once again extend its example of loving the local community. Martin expanded, “Venture Church has partnered with Convoy of Hope and their effort to feed 10 million meals nationwide. Last week, a fully loaded Peterbilt truck with a 40’ trailer dropped off over 35,000 lb of food and supplies. On May 30, Venture Church - 777 Santa Fe Dr. Encinitas, CA 92007 - will be providing essential baby items, paper products and over 600 bags of meals.”

Go to to donate to the Venture Church COVID-19 response.

Kathie Bloom

Source: Venture Church


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