Vembu Teams Up With TowersIT to Provide Simplified Data Protection in Spain and Portugal

​​​Vembu, one of the leaders in the backup and disaster recovery market, has always been striving to provide a backup and disaster recovery solution with enterprise-level features at an affordable price to all types of businesses. Vembu announced a partnership with TowersIT, a leading distributor in Spain and Portugal for virtualization software. Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Jose Ramon Crespo, the CEO of TowersIT.

I. Tell us briefly about TowersIT.

TowersIT was created in 2014 as a specialized distributor in the virtualization and cloud market. Our main objective is to bring the leading products and technologies of the market to Spain and Portugal to help our customers and partners in their projects.

II. What kinds of products and services do you offer? Can you brief us about that?

We actually are distributing the following vendors:

     Igel: German manufacturer of Thin Clients

     Uniprint: Print Management Solution

     Lakeside Software: Management and Monitoring System,

      and a few more similar vendors.

III. What was the reason behind choosing Vembu as your strategic partner in Spain and Portugal?

Vembu has a Universal BackUp Solution that covers all BackUp and DR needs for customers, also Vembu has a very interesting Partner Program and gives us the possibility to offer a great BDR Solution, with many options to solve all customers' needs.

IV. How do you think your customers can achieve optimal business continuity upon the implementation of Vembu BDR Suite in their environments?

Of course, Vembu offers a wide range of products that can cover all the needs in BackUp and DR, including VMs (VMWare, HyperV, KVM.), Servers, Folders, Files, on-premise or in the cloud.

V. What do you intend to achieve by partnering with Vembu Technologies?

For TowersIT, partnering with Vembu will not only complement our actual portfolio but also allow our capabilities to be more strategic with our actual customers and to access more customers and resellers.

VI. Can you tell us briefly about your joint strategy with Vembu in your territories?

Our strategy is to be the main contact for Vembu in Spain and Portugal, giving our customers and reseller not only the capacity to buy locally but also all the presales, training, first level support and post-sales services; we are a VAD, etc. We are going to organize the marketing and promotion actions to launch Vembu in Spain and Portugal.

VII. What do you think are the challenges ahead for your business, and how would you like to overcome them?

The biggest challenge for TowersIT is to continue to offer the best technologies and innovative products to the market in Spain and Portugal and to accompany our partners and customers in digital transformation projects.

VIII. What would you like to say about Vembu’s AcePartner program?

We think that the AcePartner program is very clear, with clear conditions and with great benefits for the partners.

IX. Tell us about the technical and sales/support training provided by Vembu as a part of the AcePartner program.

We are in the process of being trained, but at the moment, it is going well.

About Vembu:  Vembu has been one of the critical players in the backup and disaster recovery market for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) over the past 15+ years. They extend support to multiple environments at affordable pricing, thus ensuring high availability to data centers.

Vembu’s flagship offering is Vembu BDR Suite, which is a comprehensive backup and recovery solution across VMware Backup, Microsoft Hyper-V Backup, physical and virtual environments, applications and endpoints.

Vembu’s free edition of the Vembu BDR Suite is available with lots of flexibility, and it has no feature restriction.

Source: Vembu Technologies