Velocity Capital Group (VCG) Secures New $50 Million Credit Facility

Velocity Capital Group (VCG), a leading provider of same-day capital advances to small businesses, has secured a multi-draw term funding line of credit with Arena Investors, LP, a global institutional alternative asset manager. The line of credit will provide VCG with a borrowing capacity of up to $50 million and a deep pool of capital from which to expand its business, further strengthening VCG's ability to provide funding for small business merchants. Though the name VCG may be new to some, the company is no stranger to alternative finance. Eleven years of experience in the space with over 25,000 funded clients has helped their team understand what merchants need most during the funding process, primarily trustworthiness and speed.

Since VCG's inception, CEO/Principal Jay Avigdor has made it his mission to provide an efficient and flexible funding experience and product for merchants. "We're setting new strides for speed and service every year. 2022 is going to be even more impactful for VCG and our stakeholders," said an enthused Jay Avigdor. "We have a big opportunity for us this year to build on last year's initiatives. This line will give us the wings we truly need to fly. Giving us the ability to fund larger deals and provide longer terms," said Jay. The previous year, VCG made news by switching to their own internally developed processing software for deal applications called Drag-in. The software pulls critical data from VCG's applications to conduct all necessary screenings via API, then uploads that data to their CRM with the click of a button. Drag-in gives VCG the ability to provide offers within minutes rather than hours, giving them a leg up on the industry. Stakeholders have been thrilled with the improved response time on their deals. Drag-in is Currently working on a beta version to provide multiple other industries. 

Speed isn't the VCG's only focus. "Merchants and ISOs alike deserve to have more control of the capital they're provided," Jay added. In August 2021, Velocity Capital Group began offering ISOs and Merchants the option to receive their capital in a Cryptocurrency. Primarily sent through as stable coins (USDC, DAI, USDT). "Due to the cut-off times within which banks have to operate, they can become a bottleneck for our transactions. The opportunity for providing capital in Crypto couldn't have come at a better time," said Jay. Available to transfer during all times of the day, funding in Cryptocurrency was added as an option for how Merchants & ISOs receive capital.

"We are excited to facilitate VCG's activities in small business finance at a time when there are limited options and great needs for capital, and where VCG can provide that capital without unduly burdening merchants receiving it. This transaction fits well with Arena's broader mission to provide flexible, scalable funding solutions for companies and ideas which have unique growth or liquidity needs. We look forward to working with Jay and his team," said Victor Dupont, who leads Arena's investments in the SME sector.

The new line of credit gives steady rails for Velocity Capital Group to continue growing and funding at a significant rate into 2023. "We anticipate we will do north of 150M in funding this year with our current deal flow and this new line. We can provide well-needed cash during these troubling times to small businesses and fuel their success while growing ours as well. We can help small businesses access funding like never before in company history. Through implementing Drag-in, this new credit line with Arena, and with our amazing loyal employees and brokers, the sky is only the limit," remarked Jay.

About Arena Investors, LP
Arena Investors is an institutional asset manager founded in partnership with The Westaim Corporation. With $2.8 billion of committed assets under management as of Jan. 1, 2022, and a team of over 100 employees in six offices globally, Arena provides creative solutions for those seeking capital in special situations. The firm brings individuals with decades of experience, a track record of comfort with complexity, the ability to deliver within time constraints, and the flexibility to engage in transactions that cannot be addressed by banks and other conventional financial institutions. See for more information.

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Velocity Capital Group helps small businesses all over the United States access capital at incredible speeds. Our team has serviced over 25,000 clients in under 11 years. We've grown our business to great heights by focusing on speed, efficiency, and transparency.

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About Velocity Capital Group

VCG is a direct funding platform located in Greater New York. We fund small businesses all over the United States and our team has serviced over 15,000 clients, with over 25 years of experience in the sub-prime financing space.

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