VELO Launches Its 3-in-1 Expandable Hardside Luggage for Efficient Travel

VELO just announced its innovative product of hard-side luggage that can expand to suit the needs of any traveler. This durable and sleek suitcase can instantly transform into 3 different sizes with 2 simple steps: Press - Pull/Compress! Designed to be an all-in-one solution for either business or leisure travel, VELO is the perfect choice to travel smarter and more efficiently. Now this unique piece is launching soon on Kickstarter:

VELO is a revolutionary suitcase that combines 3 sizes into one compact body using a clever and patented expandable design. The design allows VELO to instantly transform between a 16" carry-on suitcase, a 22" compact check-in suitcase, and a 26" extra-large check-in suitcase. It's the world's first hard-side luggage that can expand to twice its volume in seconds. The secret lies in the patented extra-wide handle that keeps the suitcase stable while being towed, and at the click of a button that allows the hard sides of the suitcase to slide up or down. When the appropriate size is reached, the handle locks the configuration and then retracts into a recessed area for safety and style. Speaking of choosing the right luggage, VELO is the best for saving time, money, and storage space. It lets you travel conveniently with the perfect-sized luggage at all times, eliminates the need to purchase multiple luggage, and saves storage space for them.

"As business travelers ourselves, we know the pain of traveling with improperly sized luggage. A carry-on is not enough for several days, but often a full-size suitcase is too much. Not to mention the difficulty of storing multiple pieces of luggage at home or in an apartment. Our goal with VELO 3-in1 expandable luggage was to create the ultimate suitcase, one that could transform as needed to perfectly suit the nature of the journey. All travel is not created equally so VELO grows and adapts to any trip regardless of duration or distance. Along with incredibly high-quality components and life-long durability, we believe it is the last suitcase you will ever need!" - Markus, VELO Founder 

VELO is built to last, beginning with its durable AAA class 6063 aluminum frame, and shell that is surrounded by 70% polycarbonate material from Bayer. VELO also works with the top manufacturer that serves major global brands such as Samsonite, Delsey, and Kirkland. Moreover, the 360-degree silent wheels let it roll smoothly on a variety of surfaces. The suitcase features the newest version of the tamper-proof TSA luggage lock for extra safety when traveling.

VELO 3-in-1 Expandable Hardside Luggage can effortlessly switch between 3 popular sizes to perfectly suit the needs of any journey. This space-saving & eco-friendly design is the ultimate all-in-one travel solution. VELO is launching on Kickstarter at 11 AM, 18th October EDT  with special pricing and incentives for early adopters. 

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Source: VELO

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