Vega Atelier Boosts Remote Creativity and Collaboration for Compute-Hungry Production and Post-Production Workloads

Vega atelier, with its enterprise technology deployment and management platform, provides software-designed remote studios with built-in MPA content security controls.

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Vega atelier assures business objectives are achieved and undesired events are prevented. The technology deployment platform maximizes productivity by providing executive dashboards, operation control rooms, and studio workloads pre-configured for high performance regardless of access point.

The atelier workspace is purpose-built to protect the rights of those who create entertainment content. It uses the MPA content security best practices to strengthen the processes to protect content during production, post-production, marketing, and distribution.

"The advancements the cloud has made in data management is second to none. Its ability to dynamically handle massive amounts of file data and complex workflows enables Vega to solve difficult problems with no code interfaces," said Kris Bliesner, CEO, Vega. "Eliminating the requirements for advanced cloud skills empowers IT to support the pace of innovation without increasing the organization's risk exposure."

"The architecture of atelier goes beyond solving performance in the cloud. Atelier puts control back into the hands of creatives without triggering a massive engineering recruitment," said Jason Foster, Vega Senior Cloud Strategy Lead. "The Pandemic changed how employees get work done. With atelier, employees maintain the collaboration and productivity level but adapted for the work-anywhere world we now live in."

"Think of Vega as abstracting cloud complexity, giving deeper insight to billing, and enabling remote workers more easily. The Vega atelier solution has cut costs by 66% for AWS infrastructure in some use cases," stated Foster.

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Vega is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for enterprise cloud management. Vega unlocks the power of public cloud infrastructure, giving businesses the freedom to innovate and efficiently deliver world-class products and services. Vega combines scale management with speed and efficiency to drive business outcomes that align with end-user goals. Public Cloud infrastructure isn't just for architects or DevOps engineers anymore. Vega puts the power of fully optimized, fully managed infrastructure to work for your business.

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