Veeco Salon Furniture + Design Celebrates Their New Location and Design Center

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Veeco Salon Furniture + Design

​​​After 50 years in Chicago, in late June 2016 Veeco Salon Furniture + Design will be relocating to a new state of the art facility in Melrose Park, Illinois. The new location will allow Veeco to better focus on beauty salon and school stainless steel furniture and laminate fabrication. Included in the location is a new Design and Engineering Center dedicated to working with Veeco’s customers and including salon and school owners in the design process.

At a time when most people are retiring, owner Leonard S. Cohen, President/CEO and his wife, Laurie Cohen, Marketing Director, are taking 50 years of entrepreneurship to an entirely new level. The Cohen’s are reinventing the wheel in the beauty salon and school industry to provide personalized design services and furniture fabrication unlike any other company in the industry.

"We are excited for the about our move and the changes that are taking place within our company! With our recent Partnership with Collins Manufacturing Company and now our move to a new facility we have had a busy year full of great changes," says Veeco Salon Furniture + Design owner Len Cohen.

Laurie Cohen, Co-owner

"We are excited for the big move and the changes that are taking place within our company! With our recent Partnership with Collins Manufacturing Company and now our move to a new facility we have had a busy year full of great changes,” says Veeco Salon Furniture + Design owner Len Cohen. "We look forward to still working together as a family with honesty and integrity, and making the best product possible like we always have, just in a newer, state of the art facility. Service is the best part of Veeco; our goal is to always be there when you need us!“

In addition to its design expertise, Veeco remains a family owned business which prides itself on always providing the personal attention that other companies in the salon industry have lost over the years. Owner Leonard Cohen and his staff work closely on every detail of both planning and manufacturing a school's furnishings. “Increasing profit potential requires attracting new students to a school. The industry can only grow if we can continue to provide the cosmetologists of the future,” says Cohen.   Len is the elder statesman of the industry having developed personal relationships with top names such as Aveda Schools and Salon, Empire Schools, and additional highly reputable vocational schools throughout the country.

As a true brick-and-mortar American manufacturing company, the Cohen family has been involved in custom salon manufacturing and furniture design for beauty salons, barber shops, spas, and educational facilities for over 87 years. Veeco was originally opened in 1927 in Chicago and named C&W by Solomon Cohen, the grandfather of Leonard Cohen. The company operated under Solomon Cohen until 1942. Leonard's father, Harvey Cohen, reopened the company as "Veeco" after World War II. Since that time, Veeco has become an industry leader in salon design and salon equipment manufacturing. The company engineers, designs and fabricates unique salon products and also offers custom design services for salons and beauty schools.

Veeco’s reputation speaks for itself, as well as through numerous customer testimonials praising its work over the years. For example, a testimonial by Scott Weaver, President and Owner of Douglas J Salons & Institutes in East Lansing, MI, states “Veeco Manufacturing has serviced us on all six of our facilities. The craftsmanship of their work has been outstanding and the willingness to customize our equipment has been great!!! The personal service and flexibility to our timelines have been extremely helpful."

The scheduled move date is June 27, 2016, and will be followed up by a grand opening party in September. There is a clearance sale currently going on to help clear out some existing inventory for the move.  More information about the move and company can be found on Veeco’s website, Veeco looks forward to seeing both old and new faces in its new location, and is confident that the facility and experienced staff will make customers’ visions become reality.

Source: Veeco Salon Furniture + Design

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