Vedic Astrology Workshop in GOA, INDIA

International Workshop and Astro Training at GOA - Marriage Astrology - 12th to 19th June 2016

​​​​​​​​​​The International Vedic Astrology Guru Shri Dilip Raut and Non Profit Bhakti Dhara Foundation are conducting a 8 day International Workshop and Training on Marriage Astrology in Holiday Heaven "GOA" this June12th to 19th 2016.

Marriage is a subject very near to everyone's heart and in current times there are huge pressure and stress to get married or to be happily married. The Rate of Divorce is alarming and in such turbulent times the need to Understand Marriage and Relationship Astrologically is the need of the hour. This workshop will first of all speak about what exactly marriage is, as per the Vedic Shastra. What to expect from both the partners, what are social, financial, emotional and personal implications of Good Marriage or Bad Marriage. What are the Grahas and other Kundali Yogas which promises Relationship, Love, Marriage and Separation.

What types of Marriages are there as per Shastra, what is the fate of Live In Relationship, What is Love and How to convert relationship in a Happy Bond of Marriage. What are the ways of Separation and what Planetary Yogas indicate that in a Horoscope, Timing of falling in Love, Wed Lock and Separation, What are the modes of Separation, Is it Divorce, Distance or Death ? How to Judge it ?

And Many eye opening hard, true and shocking combinations of Planets that can turn the lights on in your Head.

With suggestion from Bhakti Dhara team, relationship factor with family and children too is included in this workshop.

With this there is Specific focus on Match Making too.

So from relationship to Love, Marriage, Separation all aspects are covered and it will be an extensive workshop for one and all. Anyone who wants to understand his/her fate in relationship and marriage can book a seat for the same.

Live in Partners, Separated people, divorced people, people who are in Love, People who want to fall in Love, People who are alone and not married or people happily married, male or female any one can register for the workshop.

Not only why wrong things can happen will be taught but tried and tested, Sacred and Secret remedial measures will also be shared with the attendees to strengthen the bond, to have marital bliss and a happy married or love is precious and people will love their decision of attending this workshop cum training session for rest of their Life.

The backdrop will be the Heaven itself, with peaceful beaches, the lonely sky and the lonely sea, bustling hot spots of night outs and the divine Sol Curry with Veg or Fish Curry Meals.

The Season, The Monsoon...where you will witness the first showers of rains to sooth your Soul. This Year the Monsoon will be Early and heavy too, to blast in the Goan Rains. That's the Prediction, Please Note It.

Here are the details of the Workshop -

Workshop - Marriage Astrology : Love, Marriage and Separation.

Date - 12th to 19th of June 2016

Venue - South Goa Resort

Eligibility - Only International People with other than Indian Passport, age 18 years or more, For Indian followers a separate workshop will be there in August - September.

Literature - Printed Notes of Key Subjects will be provided.....

Instructor and Guide - Shri Dilip Raut

Fees - Pls write to Shri Dilip Raut on

Book Your Seats ASAP ! Limited Seats !

For further queries write to or call +91 9322890481

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