Vaxcel Granted Patent on Quickset Motion Sensor Technology

The new proprietary technology improves the outdoor lighting experience by placing sensor settings where homeowners intuitively utilize them.

Vaxcel, an indoor and outdoor lighting company, has recently been granted a new U.S. Patent 9,551,481 on their Quickset Motion Sensor Technology. This new technology makes significant improvements to outdoor lighting by allowing homeowners to directly access motion sensor settings on the sensor itself rather than on the canopy plate of the outdoor motion light.

Vaxcel’s Dualux outdoor lighting comes in a range of options for homeowners including security lights, decorative lanterns, and wall wash lights. The lights come can be adjusted to include a shutoff delay, a sensor detection range, and a level of illumination in ambient or "non-sensor" mode, another patented Vaxcel technology.

The technology works simply and easily for homeowners. Using a dimmable bulb in the light fixture, Dualux lights automatically dim in the evening to the selected brightness but will illuminate brighter when it is triggered by motion detection. The lights provide a settings panel, which allow the homeowner to set one of three modes of brightness – low-level brightness mode, three-to-six-hour mode, which turns the lights on at dawn and off at dusk, and zero hour mode, which operates the light at low-level brightness from dust until dawn.

In all three of the modes if motion is detected the lights illuminate to full 100 percent brightness until motion is no longer detectable. The light also features a shut-off delay, which allows homeowner to set the amount of time a light will be in full brightness before it automatically goes into low-level lighting when motion is detected. A sensitivity setting provides the homeowner the option of setting motion detection from five to 40 feet from the light.

“We are excited to receive the patent for our new technology, which will improve the outdoor lighting experience for our customers,” says Richard Chen, EVP of Sales at Vaxcel. “The motion sensors make it easier for homeowners to set their lights in a way that works best for their individual needs, safety and security.”

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About Vaxcel

With over three decades of experience, the team at Vaxcel continues to pursue making people happier and their lives easier.

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