Vaping Podcast: Updates on Flavors, MDOs and Synthetics

Experts on tobacco, e-cigarette regulation examine complex landscape; plus Bidi Vapor executives discuss winning judicial stay for its flavored ENDS

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Bidi Vapor, LLC, makers of the premium e-cigarette called the BIDI® Stick, released a tobacco-category podcast on the CSP digital platform, updating the industry on a wide range of topics, including the status of flavors, marketing denial orders and synthetic nicotine.

To listen to the podcast, click here.

The podcast features tobacco and e-cigarette expert Azim Chowdhury, who discusses the current complexities surrounding the vaping industry. A partner in the Washington, D.C.-based law firm Keller and Heckman LLP, Chowdhury is joined by two executives from Melbourne, Fla.-based Bidi Vapor, LLC. Among the topics discussed include the following:

  • The recent court decision granting a judicial stay to Bidi Vapor's marketing denial order or MDO from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The decision means that the MDO is not legally in force.
  • How Bidi Vapor anticipates being able to continue marketing and selling the flavored BIDI® Sticks, subject to the FDA's enforcement discretion, while Bidi continues with its merits case challenging the legality of the MDO. 
  • The general status of MDOs in the vaping category and the future of flavors.
  • Synthetic nicotine.

"The vaping industry is facing a difficult road ahead," said Niraj Patel, president and CEO of Bidi Vapor. "But Bidi Vapor is still here, offering the adult smoker 21 and older an alternative to combustible cigarettes."

The podcast debuted Monday, March 14, 2022, on the digital platform of CSP magazine, a leading trade publication for the convenience-retailing channel owned by Chicago-based Winsight, LLC.


Based in Melbourne, Florida, Bidi Vapor maintains a commitment to responsible marketing, supporting age-verification standards and sustainability through its BIDI® Cares recycling program. Bidi Vapor's premier device, the BIDI® Stick, is a premium product made with medical-grade components, a UL-certified battery, and technology designed to deliver a consistent vaping experience for adult smokers 21 and over. Bidi Vapor is also adamant about strict compliance with all federal, state and local guidelines and regulations. At Bidi Vapor, innovation is key to our mission, with the BIDI® Stick promoting environmental sustainability, while providing a unique vaping experience to adult smokers.

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Source: Bidi Vapor, LLC