'Vantage Point' a Starting Point of a Rising Generation of Asian Artists

As sunlight and laughter filled in the space of Greenwich Village's Sojourner Gallery, a group of young artists joyfully showcased their art pieces to guests and shared their artistic journey with the audience. Sixteen art pieces reflected each artist's unique background, and self-reflections on their identity, inspiration, and love.  

"In addition to art, another passion of mine is sociology," says Chenxi (Amy) Dong, tonight's winner of the COA Youth Artist Award. She later explains her piece, Painted Turtle (2022), saying, "When I was young, I often saw people selling painting turtles on the streets, and it still happens today. Painted turtles tend not to eat a lot due to the artificial dyeing inside of them. As a result, they often die very quickly." Amy's work takes the form of a book with a carefully cut-out section. Her intention is to eliminate monotony associated with the background of the texts by altering the body of the book.

Also announced, for the first time ever, was the recipient of The COA Annual Artist Award: Yiting Liu from the New York Academy of Art. She bravely states, while looking righteous at the crowd, "The first lesson I learned is to embrace stupidity. As an artist, you must believe in this. No one has the right to dictate what you should do or not do." Yiting's latest painting, Heaven (2023), does not fit the conventional image of paradise in the viewers' minds. Boldly, she intentionally avoids the symbolism and encapsulation of heaven by incorporating a significant portion of low-key tones in the center. Nevertheless, the artwork reflects viewers' inner world and communication with God.

Vantage Point is an exhibition showcasing the artistic abilities of students in America. It explores the 21st-century Chinese student's experience and highlights the ways young individuals navigate the two clashing worlds. The artworks feature from traditional Chinese ink to animation, sculpture, and more. The exhibit serves as a platform for many young artists. It offers visitors a valuable insight into the contemporary life of a global Chinese citizen. Through their artwork, these students express their own perspectives on globalization and how it impacts their lives today. Vantage Point presents an opportunity to explore fresh ideas where cultures continuously intersect in this ever-changing world.

The COA Foundation, a nonprofit organization, has established an art exhibition in Philadelphia with the goal to create a language-learning and cultural-exchange platform for Chinese people in the U.S. The foundation is supported by volunteers who reside in various East Coast cities, including New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and many more. The core members of the foundation originate from prestigious universities such as the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, Temple University, and Drexel University.

Source: COA

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