Value Stream Consulting Partners With the Hispanic Economic Development Corporation

The Hispanic Economic Development Corporation and Value Stream Consulting are developing a joint workforce development program providing Salesforce user training in the Kansas City area.

Value Stream Consulting, with offices in St Joseph, Missouri and Prairie Village, Kansas, and the Hispanic Economic Development Corporation, located in metro Kansas City, announced today a joint workforce development program dedicated to improving the lives of Latinos within the greater Kansas City area.  As part of this initiative, Value Stream Consulting will provide Salesforce user training specifically designed to improve employment opportunities for constituents of HEDC and provide KC area Salesforce user companies access to better qualified employee candidates.

Elements of the program include:

  • HEDC developing relationships with KC area employers that use Salesforce and identifying observable skills that would improve the employability of HEDC’s constituents.
  • VSC conducting a six-week (twelve hour) Salesforce user training program at HEDC’s computer lab.
  • HEDC and VSC will jointly issue credentials to students who can successfully demonstrate competence in the predefined Salesforce user skills.
  • HEDC will introduce their “graduates” to KC area Salesforce user companies.

“Value Stream Consulting has been extremely helpful with us in implementing Salesforce for our own use”, said Pedro Zamora, HEDC’s Executive Director.  “The micro-finance software application that we have deployed within our Salesforce system has greatly enhanced our ability to manage borrowers and loans within our community”. “VSC is providing the workforce development training as a gift to our community”, he added.

“Last year, 300,000+ jobs requiring Salesforce skills were created”, said John Licata, Value Stream Consulting’s CEO, “and Kansas City is home to a least 30 major employers who use Salesforce internally”. “Adding Salesforce user skills to their resume will be a big plus for HEDC’s constituents who complete the program, especially since the skills we are teaching are the ones identified by the prospective employers”, he added.

The training is scheduled to begin in November with a class size of six.

About: Value Stream Consulting of St. Joseph, Missouri, has been providing process-driven, client-centric CRM solutions for businesses and nonprofit organizations since 2002.  Their focus on people includes live classroom and on-the-job training opportunities. By utilizing both tenured consultants and apprentices, they are able to provide organizations with effective, lower-cost CRM implementations, while educating the next generation of professionals.

About: The Hispanic Economic Development Corporation is dedicated to improving the lives of Latinos within the greater Kansas City area. HEDC achieves this through business development and economic and community wealth creation initiatives.