Valorem Foundation Launches All-New Cryptocurrency Platform

Val Kleyman

Today, Valorem Foundation, a Blockchain startup specializing in stabilized value-based exchange and transactions, has announced the launch of its new cryptocurrency platform. The company has developed a multi-layered platform to disrupt and expand the following services globally: microloans, car loans, student loans, rent payment, P2P networks, buying and selling of goods & services, business investing, real estate crowdfunding, and insurance.

"Valorem Foundation was created in the same spirit as the Valorem principle, which is to be strong in life and to be valuable," says CEO & Founder Val Kleyman. "We all know about the decrease in fiat money's buying power and the younger generations lack of faith in financial institutions, so we need to create a currency that people can trust. Millennials need an easy way to invest, make purchases, pay rent and buy the things they are interested in outside of the centralized systems we have today. We think Valorem fills that need. We are the niche platform for the 99 percent."

Valorem Foundation is creating a decentralized platform for each separate service that any user can log into and use via the VLR token. The token, a method of value on the platform, fuels the transaction. In addition, Kleyman will be attending the ICO Forward NYC Summit on Nov. 15 in New York City.

About Valorem Foundation:
Valorem is a value-based platform that allows users to interact and participate in a decentralized environment supported by the blockchain and solidified by smart contracts via an ERC-20 token called VLR. Valorem allows the users of the platform to participate in an ever-expanding global marketplace that can support the ability for buying, selling, investing, or exchange of VLR tokens. Valorem is a blank canvas that we envision will, in time, be able to encompass any future transactions a user would require in their daily life, from microloans to insurance, investing, and everything in between.

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Valorem Foundation's VLR token is the utility token for the Valorem Platform that's currently in development. Valorem Foundation is developing a unique platform to bridge the cryptocurency community with the mainstream.