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Increased Workplace Flexibility Helps Businesses Cope With the Great Resignation

Valley Business Centre - Bookkeeping & Payroll helps businesses create employee retention strategies through cloud-based payroll technologies. Encouraging increased flexibility in the workplace by offering online payroll processing makes it possible to keep top performers while fostering a supportive and productive environment.

The Great Resignation is a term that refers to a trend of increased employee turnover and resignations across various industries and sectors. During the pandemic, many employees had to work remotely. This change allowed people to re-evaluate their work-life balance. 

Some employees found they could be more productive and happier working from home or pursuing alternative careers. In contrast, others found they no longer wanted to continue working in their current roles due to the stresses encountered in professional environments.

Businesses can still offer employees remote or flexible work, which also benefits the employer. With internal support and expertise for workplace flexibility, talented individuals can be recruited from across the country or continent without worrying about their payroll or benefits status.

Valley Business Centre - Bookkeeping & Payroll simplifies the processes for teams when employees want access to their paystubs, view tax forms, or stay on top of their payroll data. Employee portals ensure that time and attendance can be tracked anywhere, no matter where someone works.

"We offer cloud payroll as a solution that encourages workplace flexibility," said Sorin Silivestru, President of Valley Business Centre - Bookkeeping & Payroll. "This service allows employers to have complete control over their payroll using a remote system of servers easily accessed with an internet connection. This approach offers several cloud-based integrations, including time-tracking solutions, to help everyone cope with work-life balance changes more effectively."

When mixed with additional business-specific solutions to manage bookkeeping and payroll support for remote workers and teams, employees and employers can benefit from an emphasis on increased flexibility and other retention strategies. 

Several effective options are available to keep top talent satisfied. That process starts by offering competitive compensation and benefits while delivering opportunities for growth and development.

Once payroll access and flexibility are part of the workplace culture with competitive compensation, it is crucial to focus on feedback, engagement, and relationships. It helps to conduct regular surveys to gather employee feedback about their experiences and satisfaction. Businesses can use this information to improve their processes.

Building strong relationships with employees by investing time and resources into their development, providing ongoing online payroll support, and demonstrating a genuine interest in their success ensures a positive and flexible workplace is available.


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