Valkyrie Announces New AI Company, Andromeda, Raises $4.5M in Austin’s Largest Pre-Seed Round

A proprietary decision intelligence platform that delivers unbiased plans for national security and high-accountability enterprises

Andromeda, a Valkyrie Product Company, Raises $4.5M and Launches

Valkyrie, a leading provider of innovative applied sciences solutions, today announced the launch of its latest venture, Andromeda — a pioneering decision intelligence platform that is poised to revolutionize high-stakes decision-making.

Andromeda, a subsidiary of Valkyrie, has successfully raised a $4.5 million pre-seed funding round, making it the largest pre-seed round raised in Austin, Texas, in 2024. This investment will fuel Andromeda's mission to empower warfighters and other mission-critical decision-makers with unbiased, fact-based insights to drive success in their operations.

"Valkyrie has continually, yet quietly and tirelessly, developed critical capabilities for industry and defense. Andromeda is a testament to our innovation-driven approach, and our commitment to deliver real value," said Charlie Burgoyne, CEO of Valkyrie. "The science behind Andromeda has already supported our nation's security for years, and with its expansion, we'll soon be tackling the largest challenges across industry as well. Andromeda is shedding light on complex data for those who serve in the shadows."

The power of transformers (LLMs) and knowledge graphs will be seamlessly integrated through a proprietary approach to enable the most complex workflows. Andromeda's unique architecture eliminates the risk of AI hallucinations and ensures the delivery of reliable, actionable insights. This hallmark feature sets Andromeda apart in the market, positioning it as a trusted partner for warfighters and other high-stakes decision-makers.

Echoing the platform's value, a Battalion Commander in the United States Special Operations Command shared their firsthand experience: "I've seen many mission planning tools, but Andromeda is a game-changer. This platform is integral to deliberate influence planning through the creation of psychological operations' courses of action (COAs), empowering us to make faster, more informed decisions and increase mission success."

"In today's complex and rapidly evolving operational environments, accurate and trustworthy information is paramount," said Liz Coufal, co-founder of Valkyrie. "Our platform empowers users to make informed decisions with confidence, enabling them to achieve mission success and safeguard critical interests."

The pre-seed funding round was led by a consortium of prominent investors, including Trust Ventures and others. The investment will enable Andromeda to accelerate product development, expand its engineering team, and drive market adoption among key target segments, including the defense and intelligence communities.

“Decision-makers in the defense community are faced with complex, high-stakes decisions on a daily basis. Filtering through piles of information sources can cost critical time, resources, and even lives,” said Salen Churi, General Partner at Trust Ventures. "We are excited to support Andromeda's work to empower these decision-makers with fast-moving, fact-based insights to ensure successful high-stakes operations.”

Andromeda will be available for deployment in private or government cloud, on-premise, and offline environments, ensuring universal access and seamless integration with existing workflows. The platform's intuitive interface allows users to easily create prompts, leverage internal and external data sources, and customize output formats, including reports and dashboards.

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About Andromeda

Established in 2024, Andromeda, a Valkyrie company, offers a decision intelligence platform that instantly delivers unbiased strategic plans for critical scenarios, also known as Courses-of-Actions (COAs), from a prompt. By integrating custom language models and a proprietary knowledge graph, Andromeda provides hallucination-free insights, actionable plans, and interactive knowledge graph visualizations. With features like source attribution and a thesis finder, Andromeda ensures reliability and eliminates bias. Trusted by the national security community and high-accountability enterprises, Andromeda empowers high-stakes decision-makers with unbiased, fact-based intelligence for mission success. Visit for more details.

About Valkyrie

Valkyrie is an applied science firm that builds industry-defining AI and ML models through our services, product, impact, and investment arms. We specialize in taking the latest advancements in AI research and applying it to solve our clients' challenges through model development or product deployment. Our work can be found across industry from SiriusXM, Activision, Chubb Insurance, and the Department of Defense, to name a few. For more information, visit

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About Valkyrie

Valkyrie is an applied science firm that builds industry-defining AI and ML models through our services, product, impact, and investment arms. We specialize in building contextual LLMs and knowledge graphs.

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