ValidiFI Introduces Revolutionary Payment Instrument Risk Score 4.0, Outperforming All Previous Iterations

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ValidiFI has updated its Payment Instrument Risk Score (PI Risk Score) to version 4.0. The most recent model utilizing the latest in data science, technology, and authoritative sources has major changes to take into consideration, such as evolving trends and needs of businesses and consumers. Leveraging the most comprehensive banking and payment data available, this scoring model provides businesses with a more precise and predictive credit risk score, with more comprehensible ranges and greater insight into a consumer's banking and payment behaviors.

In the post-pandemic environment, with the shift in consumer behaviors to digital, this product is critical more than ever. Unlike traditional credit data, this innovative product determines creditworthiness and assesses risk based on a consumer's historical and real-time banking and payment information. The new PI Risk Score, backed by proven performance data, is delivering accuracy levels on a scale never seen been before. Providing expanded consumer visibility, this solution consumes additional financial data not found in other traditional sources today.

"We are very excited for the release of the latest version to our flagship product," said Jesse Berger, President and COO of ValidiFI. "Amongst other development areas, this version was designed to meet the changing consumer behaviors associated with post-pandemic transactions. The behaviors have been largely driven by a shift to digital banking and, in turn, have changed consumer spending habits. With our network of banking, payment, and merchant contributed data this service is perfectly positioned to deliver the clearest picture of a customer's exposure to post-pandemic consumer risks." 

The advancements in PI Risk Score 4.0's predictive capabilities enable businesses to mitigate fraud and credit risk, reduce returns and default rates, and grow with confident decisioning. With seamless integration, it allows for a more consistent use in risk modeling. 

The release of this updated risk score enables ValidiFI to continue delivering revolutionary solutions that provide businesses with access to greater data sources for confident decisioning. ValidiFI's data is sourced directly from the largest data lake of banks, merchants, and payment processors to empower businesses with the freshest data and insights.

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ValidiFI® is a data solutions provider harnessing the most comprehensive data lake of bank and payment information in the industry. Our data, sourced from banks, payment processors, financial platforms, and hundreds of thousands of businesses, answers the questions that institutions and service providers seek. We provide our clients with seamless integrations to structured data and validated models to improve account openings, credit decisions, payments, fraud, risk, and compliance objectives. Institutions and businesses leverage ValidiFI to optimize their offerings, support the digital process, and gain competitive advantages. For more information on the PI Risk Score or to learn more about ValidiFI, visit

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