Vaion Welcomes Joel Brunson as CEO Federal

Accelerating Vaion's Growth in the Government Sector

Joel Brunson

​​​​Vaion, an innovator in end-to-end AI video security, today announced Joel Brunson, has joined the company as CEO of Vaion's Federal business. Brunson brings world-class leadership in business growth and proven expertise in the federal government sector.

"We're on a growth trajectory as organizations around the world realize the need to take a proactive posture to security in both the physical and cyber realms," said Tormod Ree, Vaion CEO. "Joel brings a unique vision and an incredible depth of experience working with the federal government on both video and cybersecurity solutions, a huge asset both for our team and our customers."

"Vaion is setting the precedent for intelligent video security. I've worked in this industry for nearly three decades, and the only thing that is constant is change," said Joel Brunson, CEO, Vaion Federal. "Organizations worldwide but especially in the government sector, need to rethink their approach to security. Vaion's ability to detect and address incidents through AI and machine learning, combined with our agility to meet the unique needs of different government agencies, is industry-shifting."

Brunson joins Vaion from video conferencing and collaboration company, Acano which was acquired by Cisco. Before Acano, Brunson led teams at Black Box Video, Tandberg, and Avaya. Brunson has a passion for creating and developing successful business teams to meet and exceed targets consistently. In his new position, Joel will oversee both physical and cybersecurity solutions aimed at protecting federal government agencies from internal and external threats.

"Joel has a track record of exceeding market expectations because he's raised the standard when it comes to understanding each unique customer's needs. This is especially important in the federal sector where security takes on a whole new meaning," added Ree.

"Vaion offers a solution the federal market absolutely needs," added Brunson. "The more warning we can give security professionals tasked with protecting the public, the better the outcome."

Vaion's Philosophy: Prevent Threats from Escalating

Vaion addresses the need for a scalable, intelligent video security solution across markets—federal government, retail, commercial, healthcare, and education. By detecting and addressing threats in real-time, Vaion allows security professionals to prevent threats from escalating. This is made possible through the use of computer vision and a neural network (machine learning) that mimics the human brain's ability to recognize patterns and categorize images. With Vaion's end-to-end security solution, organizations can address security issues as they unfold rather than merely reviewing recorded incidents after the fact. And when necessary, Vaion provides the tools to find 'what matters' in recorded video quickly. A vital capability to expedite effective investigations with minimum resources.

In the federal government sector, taking a proactive approach to security is no longer an option; it is a necessity. Just consider the reactive alternative for government agencies like the TSA who protects airline passengers and employees or the DOJ who runs the Bureau of Prisons or the CISA who protects critical national infrastructures, to name a few. All of these agencies are tasked with one thing—protecting the employees, buildings, records - and the citizens they serve. Vaion allows these agencies to be vigilant and alert to pre-empt threats rather than just respond. Watch our webinar recording describing how to transform your video security using real-time data to keep your building, records, employees—and the civilians you serve—safe.

Join Us at ISC West

We invite you to learn more about our video surveillance innovation at ISC West, March 18-20 in Las Vegas. We'll be demonstrating our latest technology at booth #19125. If you'd like to meet Vaion's new CEO Federal, Joel Brunson, or Vaion's CEO, Tormod Ree, please contact us here to schedule an appointment in advance.

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