Vaion Announces Vcore General Availability—See Product Demonstration at ISC East 2019

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Vaion is proud to announce the general availability of its innovative Vaion vcore video management system at the upcoming ISC East 2019 event this month in New York. 

Designed with scalability in mind, Vaion vcore is a proactive solution that allows threats to be detected and addressed as incidents unfold. This is made possible through the use of a new neural network that mimics the human brain’s ability to recognize patterns and categorize images. 

Vaion vcore is equipped with integrated machine learning capabilities that analyze all video feeds from all standards-based cameras in real-time. The system monitors and understands behaviors; identifies, classifies, and tracks people, vehicles, and other objects of interest; and sends alerts before threats escalate. 

Vaion vcore Features and Benefits

Vaion vcore is enhanced with a range of advanced features that make the system scalable, secure, and easy to use, covering a wide range of enterprise security needs. The system can work with third-party cameras or be further optimized with the suite of specialized Vaion cameras, available in January 2020. Vaion’s complete enterprise security solution will allow organizations to leverage additional features, including directional audio analytics and advanced cybersecurity features.

Vaion vcore enables a proactive approach with the Spotlight™ capability that changes video feeds dynamically and sends real-time alerts and notifications based on predefined rules and detection of unusual activity. Instead of merely investigating incidents, organizations can take the necessary steps to prevent them. As events occur, Vaion’s Smart Search™ allows operators to conduct forensic analysis and build case files in minutes versus the hours, days, weeks of traditional VMS platforms. Also, Vaion vcore’s unique Map view with Smart Presence™ provides people and vehicle tracking and counting, as well as camera and alarm views, giving operators detailed situational awareness and advanced operational benefits.

“Vaion’s impressive vcore software includes all the features you would expect in a legacy VMS platform. However, the embedded artificial intelligence provides immense insight with people/object/vehicle detection, anomalies, presence-based maps, and fast/scalable similarity searches. End-users will realize operational benefits of the Vaion platform beyond the improvements to security operations and focused situational awareness.” — Michael Miller, President and CTO, TWG Security

In addition to Vaion vcore’s physical security features, the system is secure from the ground up to protect data and minimize the risk of breaches. This is achieved by end-to-end encryption and digitally-signed files for secure export.

Ease of use, simple deployment, remote access, link sharing, and license pooling are made possible with the Vaion vcloud connection. Vaion vcloud allows operators to access the system remotely, manage complex deployments in a single platform, and stay up to date with Vaion vcore upgrades and features.

“Vaion harnesses the most advanced technologies out there to solve real problems security personnel really care about. We don’t just deliver an affordable state-of-the-art VMS based on decades of experience in the industry; we apply cutting-edge analytics on every video stream all the time to provide insightful and actionable information in real-time!” — Ran Pugach, Chief Product and Development Officer, Vaion

Come see Vaion demonstrate vcore in action with solutions to real-life scenarios at ISC East, Booth #351.

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