Vaccine Centers, Municipalities and Hospitals Nationwide Are Tapping to Help Ease Inbound Call Burden

The nation's COVID-19 vaccine and testing centers, medical facilities, hospitals and public service municipalities are tapping to help ease their inbound call burden with compassionate, instructive telephone greetings and accurate on-hold messaging.

Texas Motor Speedway Mega Vaccine Clinic

In anticipation of extremely high call volume, Denton County, Texas engaged to create urgent inbound phone messaging for their mass vaccination clinic, which is one of the largest in the United States. Denton County's most populous facility, set up at the Texas Motor Speedway, is poised to vaccinate 10,000 people per day. A large volume of patients is preceded by a large influx of phone calls from those patients. Providing callers with up-to-date COVID-19 vaccination information is paramount in calming callers, relieving frustration at vaccination clinics, and easing the call burden for their staff. Having a nimble on-hold system for rapid refinement of outbound caller messaging was a key feature for Denton County and many other clients.

Public misinformation about COVID-19 testing and vaccination logistics has resulted in confused, anxious and frustrated callers to medical facilities. Custom, professionally recorded auto-attendant greetings direct callers to the appropriate department, facility, or website, providing accurate information. While transferring or holding, callers hear information such as COVID-19 testing and vaccine registration details, hours, directions, instructions for second vaccination appointment requests and more. To find out where to receive a vaccine, visit

In addition to municipalities nationwide, supports medical offices, urgent care facilities, hospitals and pharmacies that are experiencing an influx of calls due to COVID-19. Callers have concerns about symptoms, safety measures, COVID-19 testing and vaccines, and are seeking immediate information. "There's never been a more essential need for phone greetings as a critical opportunity to communicate accurate, timely information," says Justin Ginsberg, President of "In these quickly evolving times, municipality and medical offices are supported by custom auto-attendant greetings, prompts, and telephone on hold messaging, freeing them up to handle more urgent matters. Clear and concise information is now a currency in this new public health era."'s team of audio marketing experts offers the following guidance for a compassionate, enhanced caller experience, especially during emergency management:

  • Use on hold messages  to communicate accurate, current information and guidance as quickly as possible
  • Offer non-phone options (such as web chat services, email) for overwhelmed medical call centers
  • Offer non-essential callers the option to call back at a later date and time.
  • Provide caller instruction and guidance with custom auto-attendant greetings, creating an improved, less stressful, call flow for your callers and your staff.


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