vablet's Innovative Form Building Tool Puts Productivity in the Hands of Those Who Need It, Offline

vablet's interactive form creation tool expands the use of its app by allowing sales reps to take orders, participate in skills testing and training, gain customer feedback, gather prospect information at trade shows, and more, offline.

vablet form tool

 ​​​​​Meiotic, Inc., the innovative developer of vablet, a best in class business content management solution for content on mobile devices, adds unique form building capabilities that will help sales reps close deals faster to its already robust solution.

Going beyond content control and management, the new form tool capabilities allow sales reps to use forms to be more productive when performing tasks such as taking orders, participating in skills testing and training, gaining customer feedback, gathering prospect information at trade shows, and more.

"vablet's data capture tool takes the sales rep and customer relationship to the next level because sales reps can now do more on a tablet, at the most critical time, with or without an Internet connection."

Paul Pacon, Founder and Chief Architect

Data captured through the form technology, such as contacts, leads, opportunities, accounts, responses, and other form data, can be automatically recorded back into Salesforce, Dynamics, or other CRMs, whether the sales rep has WiFi connectivity or not.

vablet’s data capture tool takes the sales rep and customer relationship to the next level because sales reps can now do more on a tablet, at the most critical time, with or without an Internet connection,” says Paul Pacun, founder and chief architect, vablet. “We’ve also revolutionized the way sales reps get trained. Through surveys and quizzes, sales reps can learn more about the products they sell while they are in the field. Feedback and results can be automatically delivered to the appropriate person. One other cool application of our new tool is field service technicians can complete operational forms.”

An important feature of the tool is the ability to capture signatures while taking orders or creating return merchandise authorization (RMAs). Sales reps can finalize transactions immediately after presentations. Customers can also complete surveys on how well sales reps did on sales call.

“Users can take advantage of the new feature at tradeshows and events as well. The form tool acts as a lead generation solution that enables sales teams to capture leads. Once prospects approach the booth, they are able to enter contact information right into vablet, and that information can go right into the company’s CRM,” says Pacun.

Users can create forms within the vablet platform, for use on any iOS device, or import their own HTML or PDF forms for use in the vablet app on iOS or Windows. All forms can then be integrated through the vablet API, into systems like Salesforce or Oracle.

 About Meiotic, Inc.
Based in Irvine, California, Meiotic Inc., is a leading technology innovator in mobility. Meiotic’s flagship app, vablet, provides a secure container technology that offers file access, sales presentation and engagement, and analytical reporting for enterprise organizations using tablet devices. First released in the iOS App Store in 2010, the vablet solution has been globally deployed in over 50 countries by companies of all sizes, including Fortune 100 pharmaceutical and medical device companies, financial institutions and international banks, sales organizations in retail or manufacturing, and many other industries.

vablet is a registered trademark of Meiotic, Inc. and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

About vablet

Since 2010, vablet has been providing powerful yet agile sales empowerment solutions to makes sales easier and marketing smarter. Companies use vablet to optimize how files are used in the field, to share files and media from anywhere, and to get clear visibility on file usage effectiveness. vablet continues to innovate and address the needs of the mobile workforce. For more information, call 1.800.615.4583 or visit

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