UXUY Launches 'Crypto Equity Manifesto,' Advocating for Cross-Chain Transactions and Support for Emerging Assets

The next-gen MPC-based decentralized trading platform UXUY is dedicated to breaking down ecosystem barriers through trading, supporting emerging assets equally, and following every round of innovation...

UXUY Crypto Equity Mainfesto

Decentralized trading platform UXUY has expressed concerns over the fragmented nature of the current blockchain industry and the difficulties in cross-chain transactions. UXUY believes that every ecosystem should be harmonious and interactive, and the technologies of each community should be open sourced and shared. UXUY firmly believes that emerging assets should be treated with equity. In a decentralized world, there should be no discrimination, and every round of innovation deserves respect. On July 10th, UXUY published the "UXUY Crypto Equity Manifesto" on their official blog and Nostr, advocating equity within the crypto ecosystem.

UXUY Crypto Equity Manifesto

As competition intensifies in the cryptocurrency industry, leading crypto ecosystems continue to fortify their walls with specialized wallets, plugins, stablecoins, gas fees, and decentralized exchanges (DEXs). However, at UXUY we believe that an ecosystem should not just be an isolated island. Only by promoting cross-chain transactions extensively can true equity be achieved. To welcome one billion users to Web3 without walls, we need DEXs that are barrier-free.

We firmly believe that trading is the only weapon that can break down barriers. Only by setting aside prejudice and using decentralized means can we jointly promote crypto equity.

Is following smart money chasing greed?

"Yes, it's driven by greed — but the mania for cryptocurrency could wind up building something much more important than wealth." — Steven Johnson (Jan. 16, 2018)

It is important to note that we entered the world of crypto because of decentralization, cryptography, and crypto equity. We have both the ability and the obligation to solve the monopoly problems created by Twitter and Facebook in the Web 2.0 world. Entry time should not be the criterion for measuring success, and the "Matthew Effect" should not be an excuse to prevent innovation. Every compatriot who enters the crypto world should enjoy the right to innovate and explore.

We should not expect powerful centralized ecosystems to give new assets the power to sprout and grow. Pursuing hot assets is more in line with economic interests, which is understandable. However, standing on different dimensions, the market will eventually iterate. Amazon is more likely to suffer systemic risks, and Giants like Meta cannot become decentralized, nor can it breed any decentralized product. Such stories of centralization will only be repeated one after another. The consensus to promote crypto equity for all will shed light on more emerging assets.

How do you know that the new asset hidden in the corner today will not become the next "Bitcoin"?

Our promises:

  • UXUY is committed to building a decentralized multi-chain asset trading platform.
  • UXUY will persistently build Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems and actively contribute to the Lightning Network.
  • UXUY will actively participate in the creation and development of emerging crypto asset communities and provide fertile ground for the diversity of crypto culture.

We can see that more and more people are joining the ranks of promoting crypto equity. Everyone on earth can become a beneficiary.

About UXUY

UXUY is the next-gen MPC-based decentralized trading platform. Through mnemonic-free and gas-free solutions, UXUY simplifies the onboarding process for users and enables them to conduct cross-chain transactions with a single click. UXUY plans to establish a comprehensive stablecoin liquidity pool, offering users a "stablecoin-centric" trading environment and a user experience similar to centralized exchanges (CEX). UXUY supports mainstream public chains, fully leveraging the "wallet + transaction" concept, and actively participates in the development of the "Unclaimed" ecosystem.

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About UXUY

The next-gen MPC-based decentralized trading platform.