Utopia Power Manager - Enterprise PC Power Management Software Is Now Completely Free

Gill IT has decided to no longer charge for its enterprise PC Management software, Utopia Power Manager which helps organisations improve PC energy efficiency with centralised management.

Utopia Power Manager is an enterprise PC Power Management application. It is used by hundreds of organisations to manage and reduce energy consumption of thousands of PCs.

Gill IT states their solution is no longer used solely as a power management application. Their clients are utilising its scheduling capabilities to send notifications to users to trialling it as a grid network. The application has grown into far more then a power management application.

Gill IT hopes the application will grow to new heights now that they are not charging for its use.

There are numerous graphs and reports to enable organisations to measure their environmental and financial saving.

Utopia Power Manager will not impact end users. All tasks can have warnings set; tasks can be postponed or cancelled. Open documents can be automatically saved before powering down. It is also possible to opt out for a period of time.

Gill IT has redefined PC power management software with Utopia Power Manager and set themselves apart from their competitors.

The complete application can be downloaded from: http://www.gillit.com

About Gill IT

Gill IT has been developing PC Power Management software since 1998. Gill IT has developed Auto Shutdown XP Professional and WOL Manager Professional. These PC power management applications have been used by thousands of organisations globally; generating substantial environmental and financial savings.