Utobo Now Available on BlueJeans by Verizon

Utobo, the popular teaching and tutoring platform, today announced its integration with BlueJeans by Verizon, the premiere enterprise video conferencing and events solution.


Utobo is a cloud-based one-stop platform for educators and coaching services to create, teach, and monetize educational content. Now seamlessly integrated with BlueJeans' live conferencing tool, Utobo can help save educators and coaching service providers their most precious commodity: time—in less than 30 minutes.

How it Works

Currently, an educator might record a lesson on a video conferencing platform, make it available on YouTube, and then charge for the content via a payment provider. The hassle of establishing multiple logins and learning various programs is now over. Working with BlueJeans, educators and tutors can now schedule live classes, set agendas, select participants, and go live all from the same window. They also have the ability to record their sessions and import them into the Utobo platform to create course videos that can be shared and viewed later. This provides a more complete, streamlined, and innovative learning management solution.

"We believe that our easy-to-use platform allows every educator to reach the largest possible audience. Working with BlueJeans, we can help educators get paid what they deserve for creating rich, valuable content," said Raj Sahu, CEO, Utobo, Inc.

According to Sahu, hundreds of Utobo users capture lessons on their smart phones every day. Then, using the simple Utobo interface, they make it available to their students. "Most importantly, the app enables them to set the price point for others to access their lesson with no class size limit."

Utobo's new seamless integration with BlueJeans makes it a top choice among educators. Available and interoperable with both Android and iOS, in this familiar environment, instructors can easily download, then have the ability to record a live class and make it available to a small group of students for free. They can also take the same lesson and sell the content online to an unlimited audience, even within the basic plan. Expanded plans allow additional educators, storage space, and premium support.

Utobo also provides an option for companies wishing to use their own branded domain name and offer courses through their web portals that are specific to their industry and brand.

"As more educators are embracing digital platforms and video conferencing for their students in this new world, there is no better option than BlueJeans by Verizon for classes," said Damian Giuseffi, National Sales Manager, SLED, BlueJeans by Verizon. "Working with Utobo, we are providing the simplified, remote learning experience both teachers and students have been desperately seeking. We are looking forward to great things to come in 2021 and beyond."

Sahu added, "As we have seen prior to and throughout the pandemic there is a need for instruction to be ready when the student is able to access it. With Utobo, the creativity of the educator is unleashed. They can create content, teach online, monetize their hard work and measure performance on their own schedule, and all from just one tool." 

Utobo Inc. based in California is a cloud-based one-stop platform for educators to create, teach and monetize educational content.

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About Utobo Inc.

utobo, based in California, is the simplest platform for creators to create online courses, conduct live classes, and sell them through an auto-generated beautifully designed e-com website within just 30 minutes. Hundreds of creators from 20 plus countries are launching their courses using utobo without any technical knowledge. Our vision is to create the future of education where learning will be economical, collaborative, intuitive, and fun. To learn more visit: https://utobo.com/

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