USINPAC Leadership Comments on Sen. Kamala Harris's Acceptance of VP Nomination

A historic moment in U.S. history and a source of pride for the Indian American community

​On a historic Wednesday night, U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris became the first black woman as well as of Indian descent to formally accept the vice-presidential nomination for any major party, when she accepted the nomination to be former-Vice President Joe Biden’s running mate in the 2020 election. This moment in history is a source of great pride for the Indian American community.

“This is a proud day for Indian Americans across the country,” said USINPAC Chairman Sanjay Puri. “Times are changing, and this is a bright spot during a time when minorities in the United States are still fighting for equality. This is a major step forward in the history of our country and for Indian Americans. We are proud of Sen. Harris and we look forward to the wonderful things she will accomplish on behalf of all Americans.”

Sen. Harris is a progressive thinking candidate who has, as the daughter of immigrants to the United States, focused on positive change for all during her time in public service. For that, she credits her Indian mother who taught her children to “be conscious and compassionate about the struggles of all people.”

“The words of Sen. Kamala Harris reflecting on her vision of our nation as a place where all are welcome – a vision she shares with former-Vice President Biden – are refreshing and something millions of Americans have been longing to hear,” said Navneet Chugh, USINPAC’s California Chapter Head. “As a resident of California, I have witnessed how Sen. Harris fights to improve life for all and I believe in her vision for our country. As an Indian American, I am proud of this historic moment in time. All Indian Americans are proud today.”

After formally accepting the presidential and vice-presidential nominations during this week’s Democratic National Convention, Former-Vice President Biden and Sen. Harris will now go head-to-head with President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence in the 2020 presidential election.

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