"USING PATENTS FOR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE"- A Seminar for Biotech / Pharma Industry organized by Intellecture on 23rd April in Bangalore

As we grapple with the 21th century advancement in the field of Biotechnology and pharma and their far reaching effects, it compels us to notice the importance of business advantage in the field of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical inventions. The

In order to provide these organization with the perfect understanding of Intellectual Property with regard to Biotechnology and Pharma , Intellecture Brain League's training division has organized a seminar "USING PATENTS FOR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE"- A Seminar for Biotech / Pharma Industry on April 23rd in Bangalore. The underlying focus will be on the ways to acquire that biting edge in business over the competitors.
The seminar will be graced by eminent speakers from the Intellecture team who have profound expertise in the field of IP. To start with Mr. Vikram Pratap Singh Thakur, an experienced Patent Agent and an alumni of NLU, Jodhpur has worked with a lot of Bio/Pharma companies on strategic IP analysis, infringement opinion and product launch. At present he is working with some of the leading Pharma companies on patent filing and prosecution.
Dr. Kalyan C Kankanala, a well-known expert in the field of IP and Biotechtechnology, holds a Ph.D. in patent law from Franklin Pierce Law Centre USA; He is also visiting faculty at NLSIU Bangalore, where he offers a paper on IP and Biotech; He has extensive volumes of literature published on Biotech and IP including a book on genetic patent law.
Mrs. Vinita Radhakrishnan, an experienced patent agent working as an IP Manager at a R&D based pharma company; An alumni of Max Planck Institute Germany and has an experience of working with some of the leading companies on patent drafting, filing and prosecution; She is one of the few experts in India having expertise in both EU and Indian patent law.
The proceedings of the day will start with a session by Mr. Vikram Pratap Singh Thakur, Sr. Patent Analyst, Brain League IP Services who will give an insight into understanding of issues and nuances in launching of a product and the need for FTO / Infringement analysis, process for carrying out an FTO / Infringement analysis and FTO / Infringement analysis in the International Scenario.
The second session - Patent Protection will be delivered by Dr. Kalyan C Kankanala, Chief Knowledge officer, Brain League IP Services. This session will deal with recent developments with respect to Biotech / Pharmaceutical Patent Protection and will give an insight into the latest cases & issues; policy development and changes.
The next session by Mrs. Vinita Radhakrishnan, IP Manager, Connexios will focus on Basics of Claim Drafting, types of claims in Biotech & Pharmaceutical Sciences and Claim Construction and Drafting Strategies.
The last session will be a counseling session with a team of experts in the field of IP.
Boasting the presence of the best minds in the field of IP with unrivaled expertise it promises to be an engrossing debate and a stimulated discussion on the business value of Biotech and Pharma patents.

Intellecture is the training division of Brain League IP Services. Intellecture's rise to prominence in the field of Intellectual Property training is noticeable. But what gives them a cutting edge is their team which consists of a new breed of IP professionals who have challenged the established perceptions of Intellectual Property and hosted some world class seminars to help the corporate world. So Intellecture will continue to shed light on path ahead of IP in the years to come.

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