USDA Announces Over 1100 Small Business Projects for Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Green Contracts Needs! Government contracts, Loans, and Grants will fund these projects

On Oct. 22, 2015 – Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced nearly $2.3 billion in loans to build and improve rural electric infrastructure in 31 states. "Improving our rural electric utility systems will help us continue to provide reliable and affordable electricity to rural customers," Vilsack said. "By financing these improvements, USDA helps increase efficiencies, reduce carbon emissions and improve the quality of life in rural areas."

Today the USDA made another huge announcement for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects Nationwide. Over 1100 opportunities for small businesses plus 170 million dollars in grants and loans to finance these projects. 
In total, these projects are expected to generate 906 million kilowatt hours of energy, which is enough to power more than 83,000 homes for a year. Clean energy has been a priority with all federal energy projects over the years and these opportunities will collectively cut carbon pollution by an estimated 455,000 metric tons. That is the equivalent of taking more than 131,000 cars off the road for a year.

The USDA, EPA, and Department of Energy utilizes small business well over the mandated threshold of 23%. These Departments prefer contracting with small businesses more often then not and offer a steady flow of work to companies that are in compliance with government purchasing regulations. 

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