US Housing Consultants Announces Randy McCall as Housing Compliance Trainer

Randy McCall

Randy McCall, of Kansas City, MO, brings more than 20 years of affordable housing experience to US Housing Consultants. His passion for and in-depth knowledge of affordable housing programs has enabled him to successfully provide training to management companies, state agencies, and non-profit entities. 

Mr. McCall started his career as an onsite leasing agent and moved his way up to training specialist positions at a State Housing finance agency and later with Emphasys software. Mr. McCall's affordable housing expertise is wide-ranging, running the gamut from HUD to LIHTC and beyond, and his training style makes even the most complex topics comprehensible. 

"We're very excited to add Randy to our team," said Amanda Lee Gross, US Housing Consultants' Vice President of Training and Compliance Policy. "His industry knowledge and excellent presentation skills make him ideal for this position. He is an asset to US Housing Consultants and an even greater asset to those who he will train." 

Mr. McCall said he has long admired Gross and Gary Kirkman, director of compliance training at US Housing Consultants, from his time in the field conducting trainings.  

"I have worked with Amanda and Gary before and their work is excellent, so that really attracted me to US Housing Consultants," Mr. McCall said. "Over the years I kept hearing from Amanda about how great the culture is there and Gary seconded it. When I saw the position open up, I thought that it was time for me to see what this is all about. 

"I feel well supported," he continued. "I'm excited to join the team and get going."  

Mr. McCall's certifications include: Certified Occupancy Specialist (COS)- 2018; Blended Occupancy Specialist (BOS)- 2018; Housing Credit Certified Professional (HCCP)- 2011; Housing Compliance Manager for Home Funds (HCM-HF)- 2011; Housing Compliance Manager for HUD (4350.3) (HCM-H)- 2011; Housing Compliance Manager for Rural Development (HCM-RD)- 2011; and Uniform Physical Condition Standards Certified (UPCS)- 2012. 


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US Housing Consultants, LLC is a national affordable housing consulting and training company, providing services for owners, investors, and managers of affordable housing. We offer consulting services for property owners and managers with Compliance File Reviews, Capital Needs Assessment, Due Diligence, and our industry-leading REAC Consulting services, including NSPIRE training.

Source: US Housing Consultants

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US Housing Consultants is a national affordable housing consulting firm. We provide consulting and inspeciton services to owners and managers of HUD & Tax Credit properties. We ensure excellence in compliance for all aspects of assited housing.

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