US Generics Market: Industry Trends and Opportunities

A number of factors have catalyzed the strong growth in the US generics market. This includes their low costs, drug patent expiries, cost savings for governments' and payers', lower copayments for patients, ageing population and an increasing prevalence of chronic diseases.

The United States represents the world’s biggest market for generic drugs. Over the past three decades, the acceptance and use of generics in the United States has changed markedly. This transformation has been catalyzed by a number of factors. The continuous expiration of drug patents, rising aging population, increasing prevalence of chronic diseases and continuous efforts by governments and health care service providers to control their healthcare expenditures have enabled generics to represent a multibillion dollar industry in the United States.

The report entitled “US Generics Market: Industry Trends, Competitive Landscape, Opportunities and Outlook” represents an in-depth analysis on the historical, current and future trends in the US generics market. This research report serves as an exceptional tool to understand the drivers, sales trends, prescription trends, market structure, competitive landscape, regulations, key players, key drugs, manufacturing and the outlook of the US generics market. This report can serve as an excellent guide for investors, researchers, consultants, marketing strategists and all those who want to gain an insight into the US generics market in any form.

The US generics market has witnessed a transformation over the last three decades.

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Key Questions Answered:

·      What are generic drugs and how are they different from branded drugs?

·         How have the US generics market performed in recent years?

·         How have generics performed compared to branded drugs?

·         What were the total sales and prescriptions for generics in the US?

·         Who are the key players in the US generics market and how have they performed?

·          What is the structure of the US generics market?

·         Which are the most prescribed generics in the US?

·         What is the pricing mechanism of generics in the US?

·         What is the value chain of generics in the US?

·         What are the regulations for generics in the US?

·         How are generics distributed in the US?

·         How are generics manufactured?

·         What are the raw material and machinery requirements to manufacture generics?

·         What are the drivers and challenges in the US generics market?

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